How Not To Get Fat At Work

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I recently starting working outside of my home after running a home daycare for around 10 years. As a home daycare provider, I was constantly in motion. From running around with the kids to cleaning up messes to constantly getting up to take care of their needs, it was very rare that I was sedentary. Even during the kid’s nap time, I found myself up and moving around so when I began to work outside of the home in an office type setting, I didn’t realize the negative impact it would have on my body.

When you work in an office setting, it's hard to avoid gaining weight. Here are some helpful tips on how to try and avoid getting fat.

I am what you call ‘skinny fat’. At first glance I am thin but after seeing me in a swimsuit you’d actually discover that I have some jiggly flab. With that said, when I gain weight or flab, even the slightest flab is noticeable, so when I started working outside of the home, I wasn’t ready for what was about to happen.

Here are 5 Ways How Not to Get Fat at Work:

  1. Pack Food– I’ve heard you should eat 6 small meals a day, instead of 3 large meals along with a few snacks. I’ve started packing vegetables with ranch dressing, a salad, almonds, cheese chunks, fruit and other healthy items. Every night before bed, I prepare my lunch and snacks for the next day. I pack everything that I need in my SmartPlanet 4 Piece Meal Bag. It comes in 3 colors, it also includes a matching Portion Perfect Meal Kit and an ice pack. The Meal kit comes with a lid and has 4 inner compartments that are measured to help you pack perfect portions every time. This bag has so much room that it also lets you pack your favorite healthy drink. Keep reading and at the end of this post, I will tell you how you can enter to win a bag of your own.
  2. Fight the Temptation- In office environments, there tends to be a lot of celebrations. From birthday celebrations to job anniversary celebrations, with these celebrations come food. Oftentimes, the food is not healthy, so try your hardest to fight the temptation, unless it’s your birthday, and stick with what you packed for lunch.
  3. Get Up & Move- If you are in an office like me, then most likely your body is sedentary. It’s important to move, not just for weight purposes but for health purposes. Since it may not always be easy for you to get up and move, you may have to get creative. Try standing up when you type and walk in place. Some offices will install a special desktop that will raise and lower. You may get some stares but just tell them that a body in motion stays in motion. They will understand.
  4. Make Smart Decisions- If you end up going out to lunch, choose your lunch wisely. Avoid bread and buttery vegetables and instead choose a green leafy salad or a high in fiber dish.
  5. Don’t Take Shortcuts- Avoid the escalator or elevator and instead take the stairs. If you have time, try and park in a parking spot that is far from the entrance. Change habits that will cause your body to be in motion will help your body not store so much fat.

Unfortunately, while you are at work, you can eat healthy and make smart choices, but since you may find yourself at a job that causes you to be behind a desk, weight gain may naturally happen. With that said, it’s important to use the tips I’ve listed above at home also.

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When I started working outside of the home, I wasn’t ready for what was about to happen to my body. Here are some tips on how NOT to get fat while at work.

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