How to Avoid Weight Gain During a Cruise

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Last year the House of Faucis went on our first cruise. Our family had the most amazing time on the Royal Caribbean cruise. Not only did we create amazing and unforgettable memories but we relaxed like we’ve never relaxed before. In addition to relaxing, we ate! We ate 3 square meals a day, along with cookies before bed and we washed our food down with soda and a variety of umbrella drinks. With that said, it was no surprise that when we go home, we had gained a lot of weight. Our next cruise is scheduled for the end of March and I have already come up with several ways to avoid weight during our next cruise.

It is hard to avoid weight gain during a cruise but there are ways that you can. Here are some ways I plan on avoiding weight gain during my next Royal Caribbean cruise.

Most of us can agree that when we are on vacation, the last thing we want to think about is exercise and calorie counting. Unfortunately, when we get back from vacation we struggle to lose the extra pounds that we gained during our stress-free and relaxing time away from reality. Here are a few tips that I plan on using during our next cruise:

  • Drink Smart: On our cruise the adults purchase the ‘All You Can Drink’ package. This package allows you to have unlimited sodas, water bottles, coffee, tea, and alcohol. When I am poolside, my go-to drink is the pina colada along with anything that has an umbrella in it. During our first Royal Caribbean cruise, I drank a lot of pina coladas. They were the perfect anytime drink but they were full of sugar. Solution: Before my next cruise I plan to research a variety of mixed drinks and find drinks with less sugar and fewer calories, in addition to drinking more water.
  • Get Up and Move: When you are on a cruise you relax a lot. We spent a lot of time at the pool, in the casino, at a show. or just hanging out at the Wind Jammer. When you drink a lot of sugary drinks and eat foods that you normally don’t, you gain weight. Solution: There are a lot of options on a cruise that encourage you to get up and move. Every morning, there is Zumba at the pool. In addition, there is a work out facility with everything you need to burn calories. If you are like me and do not feel comfortable working out in front of people then consider walking the full length of the ship. There is a track at the top level of the ship that goes all the way around. It is beautiful and makes your walk more enjoyable.
  • Small Doses: Before our first cruise, Oi had avoided carbs, sweets, and soda for a month. As my husband calls it, I was getting ‘cruise’ ready. With that said, when I entered the Wind Jammer and saw a table dedicated to bread of all kinds and another table dedicated to desserts, I went crazy. When I entered the Wind Jammer and saw a cart dedicated to bread of all kinds and another cart dedicated to desserts, I went crazy. I was in sugar and carb Heaven. Solution: During my next cruise, I plan on visiting the bread and dessert table but I am determined to have willpower. Instead of helping myself to 3-4 little desserts, I will try and have a bite of each one or share a dessert with my kids or husband. When it comes to bread and sweets, I have a tendency to be very weak, but I am going to put forth an effort.
  • Eat Smart: When you are on a cruise, you are surrounded by a variety of food. It’s amazing! There are higher end restaurants, a dining room, a pizza parlor, a buffet that includes anything from burgers to sliced pork and so much more. You are surrounded by food, so it’s really easy to make bad choices and to overeat. Solution: When you are surrounded by delicious food, it’s hard to not overeat and indulge, but it is possible. During my next cruise, my goal is to eat a very light breakfast, avoid snacks, and focus on eating healthier items such as salads and more vegetables. I still plan on eating pasta and steak, but I hope to eat smaller portions.

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Being on a cruise is all about relaxing and not caring about stresses off of the boat. The last thing I want to think about when I’m on a cruise is my weight, but as I am getting older I have come to realize the importance of avoiding unnecessary weight gain, so with that said, I am going to do my best to avoid weight gain during my next cruise.

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It is almost impossible not to gain weight during a cruise. During my next cruise with Royal Caribbean, I plan on trying not to gain weight and here are a few ways I will try.

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