How to Photograph a Baby in a Pumpkin

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When my Sweet Bella was 4 months old, I had a friend with a daughter almost the same age as my daughter. She had taken the cutest Baby in a Pumpkin picture of her baby girl. The moment I saw this picture I knew that I wanted to make a memory with my Sweet Bella and take her picture in a pumpkin, I know it sounds silly, but to me, it is fun! Taking a picture of your little one in a pumpkin is easy but there are certain things that you need to know. I want to share How to Photograph a Baby in a Pumpkin, along with some tips and tricks.

I am sure you have seen those cute pictures of a baby in a pumpkin. Here is how you can recreate those baby in a pumpkin pictures.

Tips for Photographing Your Baby in a Pumpkin

  • Make sure the pumpkin is big enough to fit your baby. You don’t want a pumpkin that is too big or too small, so I recommend that you take your baby with you when you go to pick your pumpkin.
  • The best age for a baby to be photographed in a pumpkin is when they can hold their head up.
  • Line blankets on the inside of the pumpkin so the baby does not feel the cold and icky texture of the pumpkin on their skin.
  • Put the pumpkin on a flat surface when photographing your little one.
  • Take pictures from all angles. You can easily crop and edit when you are done.
  • Don’t do this alone! You need a photographer and then someone to get the baby’s attention, in addition to making sure they are safe.
  • Use a variety of props, such as bows or hats.
  • Take a variety of pictures and as many as you can because it may take a lot of pictures before you get the perfect shot.

Tips on photographing your baby in a pumpkin

How to Photograph Your Baby in a Pumpkin

  • Choose a pumpkin that is the perfect size for your little one. Make sure it is big enough for your little one to sit in.
  • Cut the top off of the pumpkin. Make the opening big enough so that you can fit your baby inside.
  • Clean out the pumpkin as best as you can.
  • Cut two holes at the bottom of the pumpkin to allow the baby’s legs to slide through. Try not to cut them too big because you don’t necessarily want them to be seen when you photograph.
  • Find a seasonal spot that has a flat surface and then¬†photograph your baby in a pumpkin.

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