How to Turn a Boring Kids Table into a Fun Disney Inspired Table

A few weeks ago we were cleaning out our garage and I found a plastic table that belonged to my grand daughter. I was ready to throw the table away because it had pen marks all over it. Before I had the chance to toss it, my daughter stopped me and said that her daughter loved that table! I could not stand to keep the pink table with marker and pen drawings all over it so I decided to add some fun pizzazz to it. Since our family loves Disney and since a mom friend of mine donated a Disney ‘Tangled’ poster to our home I knew exactly what I needed to do. Here is how to turn a boring kids table into a fun Disney inspired table. I promise that your little one will fall in love with her or his new table.

Turn a Boring Kids Table into a Disney Inspired Table

A few Christmases ago, Santa Claus brought my grand daughter a cute plastic table that she sat at when she colored. This girl was so artistic that she ended up coloring on the table, therefore making the table not very eye appealing. My initial goal was to make the top of the table pretty again, so I sprayed the top of the table with RUST-OLEUM Paint & Primer. This spray paint worked perfectly and it came in her favorite color! Once the paint was dry, I prepared for the next step which was to Disneyfi it. In order to Disneyfi this table and make it fun, you will need a fun Disney poster, scissors, exact o knife, paintbrush and Mod Podge,


After your supplies have been gathered, you will want to size your poster up against the table and decide how much of the table that you want covered. Once you have decided this, you will then cut around the image that you want to appear on the table. After the image has been cut out and the corners have been trimmed, you will start using the Mod Podge.


Flip your image over and paint the entire backside with Mod Podge. Once it is completely coated, carefully flip the image over and try your best to evenly spread the image onto the table. You will then paint over the top of the image with Mod Podge. Once you have done this, let the table dry for at least 12 hours. While it is drying watch for any corners that may try and lift up and repaint them with Mod Podge. You may notice little bubbles as your table is drying. When I saw these bubbles I had a few moments of panic but they removed on their own.

Let Paint Dry

This was my first attempt at Mod Poding a poster or picture to a table and it was fun! I did not turn out perfect but in my grand daughter’s eyes it was perfect and I can’t wait to find the next piece of kid furniture to do this with. The ideas and possibilities are endless!

Disney Tangled Table

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  1. This is such a great idea! My son would love a Cars one! Off to Hobby Lobby I go.

  2. What an amazing idea!! This would be great to find a thrift store table and make it new again for the kids! Thanks for sharing this awesome tutorial!

    Dressing Dallas

  3. Wow what a great idea and it turned out perfect!! Gotta try it on something, it’s just way to cool and doesn’t seem to take much effort! Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Wow, This is such a creative way turn something boring into something fabulous. My kids would absolutely love this.

  5. Thank you for sharing this! I can’t wait to try it out on my nephew’s play table! I think I’ll use Toy Story characters!


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