How You Can Bond With Your Teen Daughter

It's important to create one on one time with your preteen. Hopefully these tips will help.

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As a working mom of 3 little girls that range from ages 5 to 12, I tend to get busy and overwhelmed. I try to put my work to the side and spend quality time with my kids, however, with housework, homework and extra business deadlines to meet, it is not always possible. Right now my little ones are free spirited and they go with the flow. They do not seem to mind when I can’t always give them the attention they deserve but I can tell that my teen daughter, Alexis, does mind. Even though she does not tell me that the lack of quality time together bothers her, I know from her body language and from certain comments that she makes that it does. After talking to my mom friends that have had experience with teens, I realized how important it is to make time for your kids, especially your older ones. I would like to share with other moms and dads how you can bond with your teen daughter so that special moments can be kept and amazing memories can be made.


Being the parent of a teen daughter can be tough. It can actually make you feel clueless and helpless at times. My sweet Lexi seemed to change overnight. She went from an angel that wanted to snuggle in my lap to a child that walked around with headphones on and would always vegetate in her ‘spot’ on the couch or in her room with the door shut. Since this was not the way I wanted to spend the next 7-8 years, I knew that I needed to try and get her out of her teen cloud she was living in by spending some extra time with her alone whether she liked it or not. Here are a few ways that I was successfully able to bond with my teen daughter:

  • YouTube: Sit down and watch their favorite YouTube videos with them. As painful as this might be, do it!
  • Crafting: Go to your local craft store or Walmart and choose some fun crafts that you can do together. Whether it is making a wreath, tie-dying a shirt or painting ceramics, crafting is a great way to bond and the perfect way to open up conversations.
  • Movie Night: Let your teen daughter choose a movie that they want to watch. Hide out in a room where it is just the two of you or go to the movies and enjoy a quiet movie without any interruptions from little brothers or sisters.
  • Games: Whether it is a board game, a card game or the newly popular Bottle Flip game, grab your daughter and play. Share stories of your past, let her share stories and laugh.
  • Shop Together: Shopping puts most teens in a good mood, especially if you are shopping for them. I like going to the different aisles at Walmart and helping my daughter pick out products that are perfect for her, such as shampoo and nail polish. I also make sure to go to the Pain aisle and help her choose the best menstrual pain reliever along with other girly products that she might need.


Being a teenager can be an exciting time but also a rollercoaster of emotions, so I love it when I get to spend time with just my daughter. When it is the two of us, she tends to open up more and ask me questions that she would normally not ask when her siblings are around. One thing she has opened up to me about recently is menstrual pain. I was very happy she was brave enough to talk to me about this because it was never something that I felt comfortable asking my mom about. I have been using Advil® Menstrual Pain, which is #1 doctor recommended brand for menstrual cramps, for a long time and I knew that it would help to alleviate any aches or pains associated with her monthly period, but made sure to remind her to use it as directed. I like that Advil® Menstrual Pain is caffeine-free, antihistamine-free, and an easy-to-swallow pill. In addition, it helps to relieve menstrual cramps, headaches & back pain for up to 6 hours. This is great so that she can be at school and focus on her work and not on her pain.


Before my daughter started puberty and before her body started to change, I made sure to talk to her so that she would not be in shock. Even though we had conversations beforehand, she still has questions, so I’ve learned that it is important to make time for just her.



As a mom, it is important that my daughter comes to me when she has a question about changes in her body and not her friends at school. I want her to get the right answers and I want her to know that what she is going through is normal, but doesn’t have to be painful. With Advil® Menstrual Pain, I hope for her menstrual pain to be a distant memory. How do you bond with your teen daughter? Have you talked to her about menstrual pain and how Advil® can help?

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