I Bet You Can’t Top My Biggest Beauty Flaws

As humans most of us try our best to look young and glam; some more than others. So much money is spent on making yourself look beautiful. Some people go and get professional beauty makeovers, while others do it at home.

I am the type of person that hates spending a lot of money and time at a beauty salon or spa to get re beautified, so I opt to buy the beauty product at the grocery store and do it myself at home, which has sometimes backfired on me. Read some of my biggest beauty flaws and let me know if you can relate or if you can make mine seem not so bad.

  • Tanning Lotion- As in my previous post ‘Skin Color Envy‘ I mentioned my flaw with using tanning lotion and how I did not rub the lotion on my legs evenly therefore causing it to streak. Since that time, when I choose to use tanning lotion I ask my husband, which he does not complain, for a little assistance. 
  • Hair Remover- With my fair skin, my girly ‘stache’ tends to be the first thing I noticed when I  look in the mirror. With that said, I decided to use hair remover on my upper lip. I’ve used it before when I was younger and it worked perfectly. I followed the instructions, but afterwards there was still some ‘stache’, so instead of trying to tweeze I decided to reapply. That was a huge mistake. The second round removed the stache completely but left with me a two tiny burn scars that now look like pimples. 
  • Hair Dye- I was blessed with premature gray, so I have been coloring my hair for years. I normally choose a brown or an auburn color. One day I decided to choose a brownish blonde. I thought that I would keep most of my brown but that it would give me some type of highlights. Nope, another huge beauty flaw, when I removed the towel from my hair it was an orangish yellow. Not cute!
  • Shaving- When I was growing up, my sister had a better razor than I did so I decided to use hers without permission. Her razor made my legs smooth as silk, but two hours later they burned like fire. Later in life, I was taught that you don’t share razors. 
These are just a few of the beauty flaws that I have made, some worse than others. Sadly, I did not think to take a picture of my hair or my burned stache lip but I was in panic mode at the time. 

Can you relate to any of these flaws or do you have any of your own that can top these?

Written by: Aimee Fauci


  1. 25% Mexican got me good, girl! I’m very hair.. hee hee

  2. My ‘stache is more like cat whiskers. I just tweeze. don’t have much hair issues-thank god.

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