I Just Got My Big Fat Check From Ebates

Yesterday my husband got the mail and handed me an envelope that was from Ebates. This made me happy because I knew that there was a BIG FAT CHECK inside that envelope waiting for me! I ripped open the envelope and there it was, my BIG FAT CHECK for $5.68! Oh ya, lunch is on Ebates!

I love Ebates and I have been a member since…. forever. For those that do not know what Ebates is, it is an online cash back savings program. It is simple, if you are planning on shopping online go to Ebates.com before you type in the web address for the store you are wanting to shop at. Type in the store you are wanting to shop at and see if it is listed. If it is listed, choose the store and it will show you what percentage that you will receive back after you have shopped and finalized your order with that store. Percentages vary and they can change throughout the year, especially around the holidays.

Even though my Ebates check was small, I am okay with it because money is money and surprise checks in the mail are always fun.

If you are already connected with Ebates and have recently gotten your check, the Ebates Facebook page is having a $150 cash contest. Go check it out!

So what are you waiting on, sign up for Ebates so you can say ‘I just got my big fat check from Ebates!’

Written by: Aimee Fauci


  1. LOL I loved that you called it a big fat check 🙂 I always wondered about how Ebates worked! Thank you for sharing!


  2. My biggest check was $376 when we were busy preparing for C when I was pregnant. I basically earned his crib in Ebates cash!

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