Is Disney The Most Magical Place on Earth

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I have been visiting Disney for 20 years and I’ve been writing my thoughts about Disney for 3 years. I love Disney and I love to share my Disney experiences that are both good and bad. I recently posted an article ‘Why Disney’s Art of Animation is Not For Me‘ on my House of Fauci’s Facebook page and someone immediately assumed that I am ‘not loving Disney anymore’. This is far from the truth. Walt Disney World is still my family’s number one vacation destination and most likely always will be, but I sometimes have to question ‘Is Disney the Most Magical Place on Earth’, so I decided to share the good and the bad about Disney.

There are pros and cons about Disney. Here are a few that will make you question if Disney is as magical as they say it is.

In life, there are positives and negatives about everything. Sometimes you love something so much that you have a hard time stepping back and seeing things that should be different or things that could be improved. I love taking my family to Disney and making amazing memories with them but I also make sure to walk into the parks and the resorts with my eyes wide open. Here are a few topics, along with some posts that express my thoughts about Disney. Most of these posts are positive but a few are not:

  • Food: My family has always loved the food at Disney. There are so many delicious and amazing dining options to choose from, in addition to the amazing ambiance that each restaurant has to offer. We love the food so much that during our last two visits to Disney we utilized the Disney Dining Plan. Here are a few of my Disney Dining posts that show the magic and the not so magic of Disney:

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  • Rides: When we visit the Disney parks, we normally have a large group with us. Everyone has their favorite rides and most of us have the rides that we either skip or tolerate. I love the number of rides and the variety of rides that Disney has but with all of the magic that Disney offers one would think that some of the older rides would be improved but often times they aren’t. Here are a few of my favorite ride posts:

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  • Disney Resorts: My family has stayed at a variety of Disney resorts and we have enjoyed almost all of them, however, I think that Disney does not use enough of their magic when it comes to designing some of these resorts. With the amount of money that Disney resorts charge, I feel like so many improvements could be made.

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  • Disney Extras: Disney offers so much more than food and rides. I am in love with all of the extra services they provide but there are a lot of tips you need to know or you may overpay for some of them.

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I think that most lovers of Disney can agree that Disney is magical. As a Disney consumer, there are a lot of things I love about Disney and a few things I hate about Disney. It’s important for others to know that it is okay to talk about the not so magical parts of Disney and just because you express a negative opinion does not mean you no longer love it.

What do you think is magical about Disney? What do you think is not so magical about Disney?

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There are pros and cons about Disney. Here are a few that will make you question if Disney is as magical as they say it is.

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