Lulu’s Bakery and Cafe

Whenever I have people visit San Antonio they always ask me where they should eat breakfast. One of the first places I always tell them to eat at is Lulu’s Bakery and Cafe; home of the 3 pound cinnamon roll! Yes, you heard correctly, the 3 pound cinnamon roll. The funny thing is, I would suggest that my friends and guests eat here but I had never eaten here myself. After an over night stay at the River Walk I told my husband and kids that we were going to eat a 3 pound cinnamon roll; my girls were excited.

Lulu's Bakery and Cafe

When we arrived at Lulu’s Bakery and Cafe it was on a Sunday morning and there were people waiting outside the door for a table. Since this was on my list of must places to eat in San Antonio I was not going to turn around and leave. We only had to wait for around 10 minutes until a table opened up. When we entered, the restaurant was bustling with hungry locals and hungry tourists.  The sweet smell of cinnamon filled the air and we were quickly taken to our seats. The waitstaff was friendly but on their toes because it was busy!

As we waited for our breakfast we watched the other guests as they received their 3 pound cinnamon roll. Adults and children’s eyes got wide and tiny little fingers started to dip their fingers into the icing until their mama’s told them ‘enough’. As we saw our waitress bring our cinnamon roll, we cleared a big spot on the table. When she placed the massive cinnamon roll in front of us, my girl’s eyes got so big and they immediately had a huge smile on their faces. Of course they could not resist dipping their little fingers in the hot icing that was dripping from the cinnamon roll onto the plate. After they finished dipping their fingers into the icing I grabbed some plates and cut into the cinnamon roll. The 3 pound cinnamon roll was so fresh, warm, and soft it practically melted in your mouth and it was definitely not a disappointment. The girls and I barely made a dent so the waitress took the time to wrap it up and then give us reheating instructions.

Lulu’s Bakery and Cafe located in San Antonio, Texas was not a disappointment. They have created something spectacular and continue to impress locals and tourists alike.

Written by: Aimee Fauci


  1. This is one big cavity, but I’m sure my boys would love it. Where do you find these places?

  2. I have been to Lulu’s and to a lot of San Antonio restaurants. I had the cinnamon roll too. Oh my! So huge.

  3. Those cinnamon rolls are the BEST!! I can smell it now. Definitely a must visit in SA!

  4. I’ve loved here for a gazillion years and still haven’t been to eat a giant cinnamon roll! I’m putting it on the to do list ASAP!

    • says

      You just have to do it! We like to visit all the places that have appeared on the Travel Channels and Food Networks. So many in San Antonio.

  5. this is HUGE! I have never been here and now it is on my list to go, haha. I think I need to go this weekend 🙂

  6. Ummmmmmm I think I need to go here! That is the biggest things I have ever seen!

  7. I’ve made jokes before about a muffin being the size of my kid’s head, but I was JOKING. I had no idea something like this existed!

  8. I love taking people to Lulus just to see their expression when that roll is delivered to the table. You can tell them it’s big, but until they see it…lol!

  9. Oh my gosh! The next time we are driving down to San Antonio, I’m going to this place! Seriously wow!! My kids would die if they saw this.

  10. Okay, something that oooey, gooey and delicious looking should be illegal! Or come with an insulin pump. Making a note to visit if I’m in the area. Thanks!

  11. It’s been ages since I last went to Lulu’s. I’m long overdue!

  12. OMG I want one…that roll looks amazing

  13. The one time we tried the three pound cinnamon roll at Lulu’s it was old and sort of hard. We watched them microwave it to warm it up. I’m glad to hear our bad cinnamon roll was the exception.

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      That is too bad! I hope you made them cook you a fresh one. Our took a little longer because it was fresh. Wondering if they did that to you because you went during a slow time.. not an excuse.. tho.. that should never happen.

  14. Dang it! I wish I would’ve known about this place when I was in San Antonio!


    Are you KIDDING me? This looks good LORDY amazing!!!

  16. This is the second blog that I’ve visited that has cinnamon rolls today! Is that a sign that I should indulge in my very favorite food in the entire free world? It’s definitely a sign! I could dive mouth first into the middle (middle is always best!) of that huge, gooey, 3 lbs of deliciousness. Yum! If I’m ever in San Antonio . . .

  17. Oh my!!! That cinnamon roll looks awesome! The next time I’m in San Antonio I am going to Lulu’s!

  18. Oh my gosh it is massive, but now I am hungry and want a Cinnamon Roll! <3

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