How to Make a Halloween Monster Boo Box

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Halloween is approaching and it’s approaching fast! Each year my girls and I love to BOO our friends, neighbors, and teachers. It is so much fun because not only does it get everyone in the spirit of the holidays but it also brings a smile on everyone’s face. This year we decided to create a fun and easy Halloween Monster Box. I’d love to share with you how to make a Halloween Monster Boo Box. This is the perfect Boo Box to make with your kids.


If you have not heard of being Boo-ed here is a quick explanation and super helpful print out that you will need when you decide who you are going to BOO. My girls and I have Booed our neighbors and their teachers. What I love about this Halloween tradition is that it lets my girls and I get together and create something fun for someone else. This year we decided to create a fun and easy Halloween Monster Boo Box. It is simple to make and you can get as creative as you want with it. We used a regular cardboard box (I’ve seen tissue boxes used for this), pom pom’s, wiggle eyes, cardstock paper, paint (you can use acrylic or multi-use spray paint), paintbrush, glow in the dark paint, and glue (I used hot glue because it seems to stick better to the paint).

The first step to this fun and easy project is to find a well-ventilated area and spray the outside of the box or paint the outside of the box. I chose to spray the box because it took less time.


Once the box dries, use a very sharp knife and cut a hole for the mouth and then gather your supplies and start decorating the box as you choose. I glued wiggle eyes and pom poms all over the front of the box. I cut the paper into teeth and glued the teeth from the inside of the box.


After we decorated the box,  I painted around the decorations with glow in the dark paint, so the box would be spooky fun. Once everything was dry, I filled the box with glow sticks, candyand the BOO note. I think that the box turned out amazing. My girls and I were so happy and very excited to ‘secretly’ deliver it to our neighbors.


You can BOO people of all ages. If you choose to BOO an adult, consider creating a fun Halloween basket that might include a candle and some delicious candy. When you BOO a neighborhood kid, you may consider letting their parents know so that they feel safe giving it to their child. Have you BOO-ed anyone or have you ever been BOO-ed?

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