Mistletoes Mason Jar

I am a huge fan of homemade Christmas keepsakes. I cherish being able to unbox Christmas ornaments and have each keepsake bring back wonderful memories of my childhood and my kid’s younger years. I am currently in the process of creating some sweet keepsakes for my daycare kids. So far I have made a Snowman Family Mason Jar and a Snowman Mason Jar. Since I had another child that I needed to make a gift for I decided to do a little bit of Pinterest research, I found a cute Mistletoes craft that I knew would be perfect to make into a Mistletoes Mason Jar.

Mistletoes Mason Jar

The Mistletoes Mason Jar is a simple and fun DIY that takes very few supplies. You will need a mason jar, all purpose paint, paint pens, and Mod Podge (optional).  Once you have your supplies gathered, the steps are simple:

How to Create Mistletoes


This is the perfect Christmas keepsake that will last a lifetime and that will also bring back memories each year.

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