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Like most families, I always try and figure out ways to save money. I think back to when I used to help my mom clip coupons, then watch her peruse the grocery store ads and then make a list of each store that she was going to go to. She would literally go to at least 3-4 different grocery stores to get the best deals that each store offered. When I look back at all of the work she did to save money, I am very thankful that in the times we live in now, there are much easier ways to save money and get money put back into our pockets. I have compiled a list of money saving apps and websites that will hopefully make it easier and less stressful for you and your family to save money.

Apps & Websites That Will Have You Seeing Green

  • Ebates is an awesome online site that gives you a percentage of cash back when you shop through their link. For example, if you want to shop at Target, you will go to and search Target. If your store is listed, then the search field will show how much of a percentage back you will receive. Keep in mind the percentage saved will fluctuate through the year. Once you are ready to link the selected store, you will then choose ‘Shop Now’. When you click on ‘Shop Now’, another window will appear that will display the official store’s website and then you can start shopping. After you have accumulated a certain amount of cash, Ebates will send you a BIG FAT CHECK! Before I do any online shopping, I always check to see if the store I plan on shopping at is listed on If you have not signed up for Ebates, feel free to use my link: Ebates Coupons and Cash Back
  • Ibotta: Ibotta is probably one of my favorite money saving apps. After you download the app,  you can then choose from a list of stores that grocery,  restaurants, and online.  I have used Ibotta for grocery shopping and eating at selected restaurants. The great thing about Ibotta is that it is a rebate program, so that means you can save on top of manufacture coupons, store coupons and any other type of savings that the particular store you chose offers. For example, if you are shopping at Target and you find a product that appears on the Ibotta app, you can use any paper coupons and Target coupons  you might have, along with the Cartwheel app, in addition to the Ibotta app; that is a lot of savings!  To receive your rebate is simple, you simply scan the product to confirm it is the right product and then scan your receipt. In less than 24 hours Ibotta will place your rebate money in your account and once it reaches $5 you can remove it.
  • Checkout 51: Checkout 51 is another rebate app that is similar to Ibotta but not as detailed and high tech. Checkout 51 provides a simple list of foods from fruit and vegetables to frozen dishes. It works the same way as Ibotta but instead of scanning both the product and receipt you only have to scan the receipt.
  • Cartwheel App from Target: This is an awesome app that Target offers its customers. Once you download the app you can peruse the discounts being offered at Target and select what you plan on buying. Each product that is offered has a percentage next to it that shows you how much you will save if you purchase it. Once you are finished adding to your Cartwheel list you can either print the list or save the list on your phone on the Cartwheel app. When you arrive at the register, simply hand the list to the cashier or hand them your phone with the app pulled up. Along with the Cartwheel app you can use manufacture coupons and store coupons along with the Ibotta and Checkout 51 app!
  • Shop At Home: This online website is very similar to Ebates.  I have a tendency to go back and forth between the two to see which one is offering a higher savings.
  • Swagbucks: Swagbucks is a website that has opportunities to earn points and then cash them in for gifts cards and prizes. You can earn points by using them as your main search engine, taking surveys, shopping through their shoppers link (similar to Ebates & Shop at Home) watching video clips, taking daily polls and so much more. I have earned quite a bit using Swagbucks and normally cash out every 450 points so I receive a $5 Amazon gift card each time. If you’d like to sign up, I can send you an invitation (yep, if you sign up through me, I get some extra points).

There are so many money saving apps and websites out there and I am sure that there will be many more added in the future. This small list are the apps that I know best and have stuck with for many years! What are some of your favorite money saving apps and websites?

Written by: Aimee Fauci


  1. These are some great apps! Let me join the club and just say that I’m totally obsessed with Target Cartwheel too. 🙂 Cheers!

  2. Great resource. Will definitely check these out for the new year!

  3. I do so much online shopping, I always feel stupid that I don’t use something like to save some money. #NewYearsResolution

  4. Hi Im the weirdo who loves posts like this 🙂 NO seriously I have an entire folder of these. LOVE money saving tips! #nerd

  5. I’ve got to check out the receipt Hog and Checkout 51

  6. Ebates and Swagbucks are two that I have heard about and even signed up for before, but it seems to take so long to get somewhere with them. Maybe I am simply too impatient.

  7. We are on the same wavelength right now. I did a “mobile mystery shopping app that pays cash” post earlier this week and I’m working on an “everday shopping app that pays cash and rewards” post now. I use Checkout 51, Ibotta, and Swagbucks. If you haven’t already, check out Receipt Hog. It’s a great one too. Thanks for posting this on Traffic Jam Weekend.

    • says

      I used Receipt Hog and then I lost everything.. got a new phone and had to reinstall and nothing was saved. Such an easy money making app!

  8. You’ve listed some great ways to save money quickly. I’ve heard of Ibotta, but not some of the others. Thanks for the update.

  9. I’ve thought about checking out Checkout 51. I use Ibotta right now and have saved quite a bit! I feel like I might be leaving $$ out there that I shouldn’t be!

  10. This is a great list and will come in handy, especially as the holiday season approaching. Swagbucks contacted me last week, but I wasn’t familiar with them. It sounds like a good program

  11. This is a great list. I haven’t tried all of them yet but I plan to. Stopping by from Home Matters Linky Party!

  12. Thanks for all the wonderful tips! I haven’t heard of any of these before and am going to get busy checking them out. I love shopping at Target and am excited about finding even more ways to save there!

  13. Wow !! Great resources. Just a few mins back my friend said about the checkout51 app and I claimed my starter offer.Now going to try a few that you have mentioned.Thank you for sharing & Thank you for linking up with Home Matters link up party ! We would love to see you again next wednesday 🙂

  14. I can’t believe I haven’t tried the Cartwheel app yet. That’s one of my fave stores and I need to use it!

  15. Melissa Smith says

    I don’t get to use a lot of the shopping apps because I don’t really tend to buy much at conventional stores. But Swagbucks is like my BFF!

  16. I’ve never tried Shop At Home, but I love all of the other ones you listed. I also like the new app by Groupon Snap, it is similar to checkout 51. Saving Star is another good website for grocery savings.

  17. I’m obsessed with Cartwheel! It’s so much fun loading it up and then scanning through the checkout! Love that app and it’s come in so handy for the double savings!

  18. i will have to check out these apps. There are so many great resources out there

  19. These are great apps to know about! Things are getting so expensive it’s always good to learn new ways to save money.

  20. I use Swagbucks! Love it. I’m going to check out the other apps and websites because ain’t nobody wanna pay full price when you can get discounts and points!

  21. I have heard of only a few of these. I will have to try some. The only thing I’m good about using is

  22. Great info! I really want to try E-bates I have heard a lot of good things about it.

  23. I had eBates for a year before I started using it. Once I did start to use it, I really liked it. Now I always sign in if I’m shopping.

  24. Those are great money saving tips. I especially like Ebates!!!

  25. Great resources! I’ve never tried one of these!

  26. I never used them but it looks like I should start 🙂

  27. Pinning this and tweeting to my friends! We have all been looking for ways to save some cash, and didn’t know about all of these!

  28. Thanks for this very informative list. I have heard of some of these money saving sites but not all. So I am off to check out the other ones now.

  29. I LOVE Ibotta! And, I love that you are my Facebook friend so we are Ibotta friends and complete challenges together. haha

  30. I always look forward to these stuffs, I am glad to find your article. Beautifully written and very helpful indeed. Thanks

  31. I have Ebates and Swagbucks accounts. I’m not active in Ebates but I love getting shopping points in Swagbucks. Been getting GCs there.

  32. Saving money is always fantastic, no matter what app you use. In the UK, I use VoucherCloud. It’s great for discount codes!

  33. That is a great list of money saving apps and websites. I love using Swagbucks, I haven’t yet kept up with any of the others. It is like I sign up and then forget about them 🙁

  34. I didn’t know the Target app could do all that! I need to check it out more, I shop there a lot. Thanks for the great list!

  35. Familiar with most except checkout 51 and ibotta will have to check those out! Thanks so much for sharing! Who doesn’t love to save $ right? 🙂

  36. I have heard about some of these! I really need to try them out!

  37. I love Ibotta.. got my mom hooked on it too! I have recently started using Chartwheel too. I love to combine Ibotta and Cartwheel.

  38. I definitely use some of these like Ibotta and Cartwheel, but I’ve never heard of Checkout 51. Definitely going to check that one out. Thanks!

  39. I just started using Cartwheel when I go to Target and it does help. I saved a lot during back to school shopping for the kids.

  40. I have used the last 3 you listed. I love the Shop At Home one 😛

  41. I’ve downloaded Cartwheel but need to use it more often! I’m trying to carve out more time to save money for our family, which means using these handy apps. Thanks for the reviews and helpful tips!

  42. Lots of good ideas here. I knew about a few and I use Swagbucks from time to time. I need to really look into that Target one. Now that is one I would use.

  43. I remember when I first learned about Swagbucks. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to earn money.

  44. My all-time favorite app is Cartwheel! 🙂

  45. Apps are so awesome to have these days. I will have to check some of these out.

  46. Great list! I LOVE the Cartwheel App and probably use it the most from those you’ve listed! Great to know for all the holiday shopping around the corner!!!!

  47. Ebates is really good, I’ve used them, these are all great apps.

  48. I love Ebates and Target Cartwheel. It is such a joy to save a little to help the budget out! I also do Shop at Home. I’ll have to check out the other sites. I used to do IBOTTA, need to give them another look too.
    Great list, thanks for sharing.

  49. Thank you for this list of money saving apps. I adore ibottta and checkout51. I also just recently downloaded Saving Stars new app.

  50. I love the cartwheel app for Target, especially since I have an iPhone 5s now. The kids love to help me scan the bar codes to see if we can save more money.

  51. Wow, these are fantastic. I bet I could save a ton of money using all of these.

  52. So I have never heard of any if these. I guess I am missing out big time in savings!

  53. A lot of these I haven’t even heard of yet. I’ve been using Target’s Cartwheel app and Walmart’s Savings Catcher.

  54. I have been using the Walmart Savings Catcher since August- and have $19.22 so far! I plan on hoarding it for Christmas shopping- plus I read that if you open a Bluebird account with them, it will double any amount in your Savings Catcher until February. So, for doing nothing but my normal shopping (Walmart is pretty much my only option here) I’ll get 40 bucks for sure!

  55. I love ebates and ibotta. You have great tips here!

  56. These are some great ones to save money. I would also like to suggest the new Walmart Savings Catcher. I have already gotten quite a bit saved up for a gift card!

  57. I am going to check these out! I love having so many resources in one spot.

  58. Ebates is one of the best money saving/ cash back websites! I’ll be using it during the holiday season.

  59. I’ve got the ibotta, but I haven’t used it yet. My current crush is on the Walmart Savings Catcher App. I’ve saved $3 in two weeks so far, and it has only taken me seconds!

  60. Jennifer Williams says

    There are a couple of those I used to be so good about using. I kind of stopped after we moved and things just got crazy. I need to use them again, we could easily rack up some savings as we get ready to move to our new home and shop for it.

  61. Ohh what some great sounding sites – I am going to have to sit and go through these when I have a moment. x

  62. Thanks for sharing these Aimee, I use most of them except Checkout 51. I also just download the new Groupon one called Snap – similar to Ibotta.

  63. I’ve heard of Swaybucks, Ebates, and Ibotta but I’ve never heard of the others. I’m all about saving money so I’ll definitely check these out.

  64. I am a big Ebates enthusiast too! I have almost ten dollars pending in my account for next payout.

  65. I remember my dad going to several different grocery stores to catch that sale! I have to admit that I always have good intentions, but have never installed any of those apps. I finally joined Ebates just a few days ago. Thanks for sharing all the info on how to save money!

  66. I new about some of these, but not others. I am always looking for a great way to save more money.

  67. I'[m feeling up to date! Love Ebates and Swagbucks!

  68. I haven’t tried any of these, but I need to start using them. I love saving money to put towards travel 🙂

  69. i love apps and programs that he lot to save me money, I thinks Ibotta is a great one and I am loving the Savings Catcher lately.

  70. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    I signed up for Swagbucks ages ago and never followed through with it. I need to get back over there and start earning!

  71. The Cartwheel apps is amazing I love it! I have done Ebates its cool I havent done it in.

  72. I have the cartwheel and Walmart’s Price Match app on my phone but I never remember to use them/ haven’t saved anything with them yet. I think it’s cuz I shop at Walmart most frequently which is the cheapest store in our area.

  73. I always, always, always use eBates! LOVE IT! But I didn’t know about the others, this is awesome! Just in time for Christmas shopping too!

  74. I use all of these apps and love them. The more the merrier for sure! Thanks for the great review and I’ll share this.

  75. I use WalMart Savings Center. I have saved quite a bit using that app.

  76. Ebates is great. I have been a member since 2000. Lots of rebates going on over the years. I use a few grocery apps like Receipt Hog and Ibotta. I am terrible about keeping up with my receipts though. I’m waiting for that app that is connected to my store card and can retrieve my receipt for me!

    • says

      I used Receipt Hog for the longest time and then got a new phone and never reinstalled it.. Easy app!

  77. I am all about anything that helps me save money. Especially when it’s something easy, like an app, and not having to clip coupons and shop around!

  78. I love checkout 51. To be honest I always forget about these apps or programs. I forget to use coupons too but checkout 51 is really awesome when I do remember!

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