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My kids and I love subscription boxes. Over the years we have subscribed to a few and each Christmas I surprise my girls with a new monthly subscription box. Since my girls are very unique in their personalities, I have done a lot of research on choosing the right box for them and the right boxes for myself.

There are a lot of monthly subscription boxes to choose from. The variety of boxes amaze me and I can’t seem to keep up with them, so I decided to make a list of some of my families favorite monthly subscription boxes and a few that we’ve never tried but want to try.

Monthly Subscription Boxes

  • Candy Club: My girls love this monthly subscription box. This box was gifted to my youngest daughter last Christmas and she loved it! My 2 older girls were secretly jealous that they didn’t get one. Candy Club offers a huge variety of candy for all taste buds. There are different monthly subscription options and oftentimes there is a discount for first-time subscribers and refer a friend benefits. Go here to check it out and order ——-> Candy Club.
  • We Craft Box: This is a fantastic subscription box for kids ages 4 to around 9. It is filled with supplies you need to make a variety of crafts along with a colorful instruction sheet. 
  • MunchPak: I was lucky enough to be sent this subscription box for review a few years ago. It was such a fun box to enjoy with my family. Here is an unboxing video. Also, take a look at two blog post reviews that I have done of the MunchPak in the past here and here. There are different MunchPak monthly subscription box options that you can choose from. Go here to order and check them out —-> MunchPak.
  • Posh Pak: My 10 year was gifted the Posh Pak monthly subscription box last Christmas. She is my little diva that loves all things girly. With that said, she absolutely loved this box and I did too! The items that were included were perfect and all were usable. When you visit the Posh Pak website they give you 3 order options that pertain to which box is best for your little one. Go here to check it out ———-> Posh Pak.
  • Sips by: I was sent a complimentary subscription box from Sips by for my review. When I received the box, I will be honest, I was thankful for the information card that was added. After I read the information card, I got really excited because I then realized that the Sips by box was filled with amazing tea and reusable tea bags. One thing that I found impressive was that the variety of tea was not for one serving and the flavors were unique but not weird. When you visit Sips by, before you place your order you will take a quiz so that the experts at Sips by can make sure that they send you the perfect tea for you. Go here to take the quiz and order —-> Sips by.
  • Anime Bento: My daughter received this box as a gift 2 years ago and she loved it! You can choose and Anime or a Chibi bento box and with every box, you get a cool t-shirt. As a mom, I think the value of this box was great. Go —-> here to read about what she got. Go here to order —-> Anime Bento
  • Literati: At the beginning of this year, I was sent a complimentary subscription to Literati. After looking over the details of the subscription, as a mom, I was really impressed. Go —> here <—- to see the post that I wrote about it. I love to encourage my kids to read and this can also make a great gift for little-loved ones. Go here to take a look and order—-> Literati.
  • Ipsy: As someone that does not know much about makeup, I love my monthly subscription to Ipsy. This makeup subscription first allows you to complete an online profile about you. Then based on your profile you are sent a variety of very nice sized samples that are stored in a cute makeup bag. You will know that your package has arrived because it will be delivered in a bright pink bubble envelope! Go here to start your customized profile —> Ipsy.
  • Spice Madam: I was sent a Spice Madam subscription box for my review. When I received my box and opened it, I breathed in an amazing smell. This immediately triggered my senses and I got really excited. The monthly theme of my Spice Madam subscription box was France. It included a French welcome card with fun facts about France, 5 french recipe cards, 3 spices that can be used in the recipes, facts about the spices that were provided, and a shopping list. After I looked over this box, I immediately thought that this could be the perfect subscription box for kids that are homeschooled. This box is full of fun information and encourages kids, especially teens, to get in the kitchen and experience different flavors from other countries. Of course, this box could be used for a fun date night at home, but I, personally, see how amazing it could be for teens! For more information on how this subscription box works, go here —-> Spice Madam.
  • FabFitFun: This is my all-time favorite seasonal subscription box. Read about what I received in my Winter 2018 box —-> here <—–. The cost of this box is worth the number of products you receive along with the brands. Every woman should treat herself with a FabFitFun subscription.

As I receive more monthly subscription boxes, I will make sure to update this post, so keep checking back. What are some of your favorite subscription boxes?

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There are a lot of monthly subscription boxes. Over the years my family has subscribed to a few, so I wanted to put together a list of some of our favorite monthly subscription boxes and some that we would like to try.

 There are a lot of monthly subscription boxes to choose from. The variety of boxes amaze me and I can’t seem to keep up with them, so I decided to make a list of some of my families favorite monthly subscription boxes and a few that we’ve never tried but want to try.

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