MunchPak Mini Unboxing & Review

MunchPak Mini Unboxing and Review

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I have always loved watching MunchPak Unboxing Videos from random families. They are so much fun to watch and seeing the different kinds of foods that they have to offer keeps me interested. After watching a few videos, I decided to reach out to MunchPak and let them know that I would be interested in doing a blog review and unboxing video of my own. My kids and I were so excited when they accepted our offer and we are even more excited to show you our MunchPak Mini Unboxing and Review.

MunchPak Mini Unboxing & Review

When we received our MunchPak Mini we got really excited. Two of the girls wanted to participate in the unboxing video, but before the camera started to roll, I have to admit that I took a quick peek inside the box. There was a fun variety of foods in the MunchPak Mini and I couldn’t wait to try what they didn’t finish.

A few things that I love about MunchPak is:

  • They provide a wide variety of snacks from all over the world. I’ve seen some of these snacks at my grocer but never thought to purchase them, however, some of these snacks I have never seen before.
  • It can create a conversation with your family. Since a few of these snacks cannot be found locally, these snacks allow you and your kids to pull up a map and find out just where they came from.
  • MunchPak also creates a lot of laughs. Whether you love these snacks or hate them, some of the faces that kids make when they try new foods is very funny and memorable.
  • MunchPak comes in 3 different sizes, Mini, Original, and Family size. When you order, you are also given the opportunity to customize your pack.
  • It gives your family something to look forward to. Who doesn’t love getting fun mail?

MunchPak Mini Unboxing & Review

MunchPak Mini Unboxing & Review

Right now you and your family can receive $2 off of your next order with¬†promo code is ‘HOUSEOFFAUCI’. This is the perfect treat to buy for your family for springtime and summertime fun. I promise that it will give you and your kids a lot of giggles. If you don’t have kids, it can also be fun for couples or to try by yourself. Go get yourself one!

Have you tried MunchPak? Do you like to try new snacks?

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