My Favorite BooginHead Products

Thank you, BooginHead, for sending me a variety of products at no cost for my honest review. In addition, this post contains affiliate links. See full disclosure here.

Now that my kids are older, I am sometimes out of touch with all of the new baby items that are currently on the market. As I peruse the baby aisles and look online I am amazed at the products that are now being offered. Makers of baby products have put so much thought into improving already existing products and making them fit the needs of the babies today. When BooginHead contacted me and asked if they could send me a few of their most popular items, before I agreed, I looked at their website and then gladly accepted. For moms and dads that are wanting to find cute baby items that make life a little bit easier and for friends or family that want to gift the perfect baby items, I wanted to share my favorite BooginHead products.

When I looked through the BooginHead website I was impressed with everything they had to offer, in addition to their amazing and affordable prices. I was also impressed with how their company started. You can read more about that here —-> About BooginHead.

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My Favorite BooginHead Products

BooginHead Pacipal & Pacigrip– This is an adorable and affordable pacifier holder and a gripper that is universal for all pacifiers. It is soft and it’s little ears have crinkle noise that little babies will love.

BooginHead Pacigrip– If you are only interested in a pacifier clip, BooginHead has a wide variety to choose from. These are also universal for all pacifier types.

BooginHead SplatMat– I am in love with the SplatMat. This mat is perfect for containing messes. It is perfect to use under the highchair to catch tossed or spilled food, as a play area for messy toys such as PlayDoh and to take outside for a picnic. It is also available in a variety of styles and colors.

BooginHead PaciPurse Pacifier– This is such a smart idea for babies that use pacifiers. Moms and dads always have to bring a backup pacifier when away from home. This purse is a great way to keep the pacifiers contained and not hidden at the bottom of a dirty diaper bag.

BooginHead Teether Bib–  For any mom, dad or caregiver that has taken care of a teething baby, they know that they have a lot of drool. I used to always keep a bib on my kids during this stage of their development. The BooginHead Teether Bib is great at catching the drool but it also has a teether that is attached.

Look for BooginHead products on Amazon, Target, Walmart, buy buy Baby, HEB and Rite Aid. In addition, if you are registering for a baby shower then make sure to register at the Amazon Baby Registry. This is a great place to register because it gives out of towners along with anyone that does not like to leave their home or cannot leave their home an opportunity to send you a sweet present for your little one.

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BooginHead has a wide variety of amazing and affordable items for your little ones. Here are some of my favorite baby items that they carry.

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