No One Can Debate the Importance of Gun Safety #iftheyfindit

When it comes to the safety of your kids and other people’s kids, there is no debate that gun safety is a conversation that needs to be had and a conversation that we can all agree on. No matter the side of the fence you are on when it comes to gun rights, what matters is how to protect our kids, educate our kids and educate gun owners on the practice of gun safety. Evolve has created a PSA (Public Service Announcement) that sends a very strong message on the importance of gun safety and kids. I think that after you watch this you will agree that no one can debate the importance of gun safety #iftheyfindit. 
*Before you click ‘PLAY’ please make sure that your kids are not around. There is nothing scary or gory on this video but the video does have an adult message and I’d hate to open up a box of worms at your house.*
‘If they find it, they’ll play with it’ is such a genius message! We can teach our kids to not touch guns and not play with guns but in reality, a child’s mind does not stop fully developing until sometime in their twenty’s. Kids are kids and if something looks fun to them, if they are curious about it or sadly if they are told ‘not to touch’ something then their curiosity will get the best of them. 
If you can take the time to lock up your personal files in your file cabinet then why not take the time to lock up your guns so that your kid’s, your kid’s friends and your grand kids can be safe? As I stated above, no one can debate the importance of gun safety. 
Written by: Aimee Fauci


  1. This is very important. Gun safety is something that I do think about since guns have been in my house before.

  2. Aisha Kristine Chong says

    It’s actually very importante – I never thought about it but I have to admit, its necessary at times.

  3. I have seen this ad before and loved it. Gun safety is important and it is also very important as parents to educate our kids that they are not toys.

  4. Amen to that! I am not really a gun person- they really freak me out. We keep my husband’s guns locked up big time!

  5. Thanks for sharing!! Gun safety is super important no matter the age of your children. And it is important to have them safely locked up.

  6. That video is too funny but it sure gets the point across. Whatever side of the fence you are on regarding guns, everyone must agree that they need to be locked up and your environment has to be safe for everyone.

  7. Tough Cookie Mommy says

    I don’t understand why these dangerous items can’t be locked up in some homes. It’s so sad to hear when horrible accidents happen that could have been avoided.

  8. I agree with Shell. Sharing this video 🙂

  9. This is hilarious!!! Such a great way to remind everyone that kids can see anything as a toy.

  10. Krystal Butherus says

    It is so true. Thank you for sharing how guns should be LOCKED !

  11. I grew up with guns and learned how to handle them at a very young age, it was just the way it was and every kid I knew realized they were not toys. We have ours locked in a safe but still teach our kids about safety, how to handle them properly and always stress that they are not toys.

  12. Growing Up Madison says

    Unfortunately because of hubbys job we have a gun in our house but it is always securely locked away. I don’t have to bring my weapon home with me so I’m good but hubby and I had that talk before his weapon was allowed in the house.

  13. Paula Schuck says

    It’s an important message for sure. We are Canadian and this doesn’t tend to happens as much up here, but we do still have people who hunt and use guns that way so we can still benefit from the gun safety message. Take care of kids.

  14. Great message! Even if the video made me crack up to no end! lol

  15. Agree! This should be such common sense but the number of tragedies that keep occurring prove it needs to be repeated over and over again.

  16. We do not own any guns but I do believe that you should have the freedom to own a gun and if you do it is VERY important to teach your children about gun safety. Do not just hide in a drawer and act like it’s safe, kids are noisy, they will find it.. you have to teach them about safety rather than hide it from them completely.

  17. I like to think son knows better but to be honest it frighten me so guns are not allowed in our home.

  18. I like to think that my kids know not to touch guns, but the truth of the matter is – you just never know. It’s scary.

  19. Ronnie E. says

    I remember the first time I held a gun and their is a certain dread and weight to it in regards to the power it has to hurt or kill. It’s not a toy and children need to understand the difference. Parents also need to make sure it’s very well kept, unloaded and away from children’s hands.

  20. This is SO important. I have, sadly, known many a family who’s children didn’t realize the danger of the weapons that were kept in their house (even those who locked them up) and lost their lives…

  21. My husband and I are in the process of learning and getting our concealed carry licenses right now. We don’t have a family yet but want to be prepared when they do get here so we can protect them. You definitely want to have a gun safe to protect your littles. Good article! 🙂

  22. Gun safety is very important. I understand the need for families to have guns for safety but teaching the entire family about safety is critical.

  23. This is very important! No guns are in my home at all, so no need to worry about my girls playing with a gun.

  24. As responsible gun owners, it’s imperative to have a gun safe and to teach your kids about gun safety. I grew up in West Texas and having guns in the house was pretty much a given (especially hunting rifles/shotguns). I don’t know of one injury that happened because guns were in a home, but then again, every kiddo knew that they were not toys.

  25. ModernJune says

    It’s strange how things have evolved. It is a question i find myself asking before playdates or get togethers…”Do you have guns?” I never thought about it before. Great post and I LOVE the video.

  26. Paris Anderson says

    This is so very important!

  27. Natalie Summers says

    This should be common sense as parents or adults as a whole, but yea, common sense isn’t common. However that video is funny, but then again, our kids know not to enter our room without us in there.

  28. *thumbs up* 🙂

    • Amanda McMahon says

      Sometimes we forget how kids like to explore so much. It is a good reminder that kids WILL find things and perhaps experiment or just check it out.

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