Out Of The Mouths of Babes and Their Mama

I love the moments when my kids surprise me with funny phrases. They always put me in a good mood and make for a funny story to tell. I sometimes pat myself on the back because their funnies make me proud that they inherited the ‘funny gene’. Here are just a few of the funnies that I can remember off the top of my head.

Bella- 2 yrs old:

  • ‘Mommy, I’m crying! Mommy do I have tears?’
  • I told Bella it was night night time and she says, ‘It’s not night night time, it’s good morning time!’
  • Bella asks, ‘Can I watch Family Guy?’.. yep she is 2.. great cartoon for the 2 year old. 
  • As I am changing my child’s diaper, I say ‘Ewww this is gross!’ and she says, ‘No, mommy, it isn’t gross, it’s funny!’
  • My child goes into animal mode. On this day she was a cat and she was on the trampoline and started to cry, ‘MEOW!’ w real tears. 

Gia- 7 yrs old:

  • After she put pantyhose on for the first time she said, ‘Wow, Mommy, I have a tan!’
  • ‘Mommy, Selena Gomez needs to dump Justin Bieber and go out with a cowboy!’
  • Gia to her sister Lexi, ‘Alexis, it’s okay to have some girly in you.’
  • Riding in the car w the kid’s friends that are siblings, Gia says, ‘Mommy, we have a problem, these kids voted for Obama!’
  • ‘Mommy, we should put Lola (our dog) in the garage for 2 years until she grows up!’ My response, ‘Maybe we should put YOU in the garage until YOU grow up.’
  • When I would take my child to the OBGYN with me, one day she felt the need to point at a pregnant lady and said, ‘Mommy, she is FAT!’.
Lexi- 8 yrs old:

  • ‘Mommy, one day can we just go shopping and get whatever we want? I just want to go shopping and get stuff!’
  • Lexi is in a pissed off 8 year old mood, so I act stupid to make her laugh and she looks at me stone cold and says, ‘Mommy, you are NOT funny!’
  • I was having a battle trying to get my child to help clean the house. I said, ‘Alexis, do you really think that people wake up and say ‘YIPEE, let’s get up and clean?’. To my surprise she said, ‘yes’. I asked who does that and she said that I did.
  • Eating out, after we were finished the waitress asked if we wanted a desert. I automatically said ‘no thank you’, but then my husband asked what they had. Again I quickly said, ‘Oh no, really we are fine.’ After the waitress left, my child said, ‘Good try, dad’.
  • After dealing with her sister’s constant tantrums, Lexi says, ‘She thinks she is a princess, every time she wants something she wants it NOW and bratty princesses always demand stuff and get what they want!’

Me- a lot years old:

  • My finicky eater was complaining about not wanting to eat the rest of her nuggets and I said, ‘Lexi there is a fat girl trying to get skinny that would kill for those nuggets.’
  • Back in the days, when we were in the car and when my older kids would complain of being thirsty I would always say, ‘Drink your spit.’
  • My husband tells me that he refinanced his truck and he will save us $250 a month, so I (of course) say, ‘So what you are telling me is that we have an extra $250 a month so…. let’s go shopping!’
Like I said, these are just a few examples of the craziness that comes out of our kid’s mouth. 

We are always trying to make each other laugh in the Fauci house; that’s what makes us AWESOME!

What comes out of the mouth of your babes or their mama’s mouth? 

Written by: Aimee Fauci


  1. Bekah @ re•solve says

    ‘Mommy, we have a problem, these kids voted for Obama!’

    hahahaha YES

    speaking of, have you seen this?

    • Ha Ha that is funny… sounds like my middle child… We lived in a Democratic city at the time and my daughter was like ”wth… is wrong w these people’..

  2. Carole Burkhard says

    They are funny, but you are funnier. Guess it comes with years of practice? Loved this post!

  3. Fat girl nugget comment just made my day!! They are hilarious!!

  4. OMG she wants to watch Family Guy?! hahaha I am 23 and sometimes I can’t watch it! lol Thanks for sharing 🙂


  5. Kids say the craziest things! I asked my nephew if he loved me. He said not but “G (my bf) loves you.” I couldn’t stop from laughing

  6. LOL great stuff, kids and their sayings always get a laugh.
    Spatulas On Parade

  7. Its nice to know when you say – inherited the ‘funny gene’. All your kids are cute and I wish you and your whole family always be happy, prosperous and funnier (i mean keep laughing) 🙂 #SITSBlogging.
    Check out my blog on DDA Scheme 2014 and another one on some Funny SMS. Thanks

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