Fiesta de Los Reyes at Market Square

Last Saturday the Fauci's attended Fiesta De Los Reyes at Market Square and got to bring along our oldest daughter and our grand daughter. We loved to be able to share their first Fiesta experience with them and really loved that we got to share it with them at Market Square.  Daddy got all the girls some sunglasses and the salesman was nice enough, without my husband asking, to give him a very nice deal! Every single vendor/ store owner (except for 2- a beer vendor and a store owner … [Read more...]

‘Finish This’ Week 16

This is my first 'Finish This' link- up that is hosted by the ladies above. I found the 'Finish This' on Nicole's blog - Three 31.  I am cordially inviting everyone that has the benefit of reading my 'Finish This' to stop on over and play along. It's actually really fun and thought provoking as well! Let's do this:1- My favorite make up item is.... Really? I am such a 'plain Jane' kind of girl that I stick with simple mascara, base, blush, and eye shadow and only when I have to. I … [Read more...]

‘Look At Me’ by Modern Publishing

I have been raising and helping raise kids forever, well not forever, but for a really long time. When my oldest was born her Nana spoiled her rotten with clothes, some toys, and books. Her Nana, my husband's mom, has an amazing ability to go to thrift stores/ Goodwill and find treasures for cheap; I wish I had this talent. On one visit, my daughter's Nana brought her a book called 'Look At Me' by Modern Publishing.  It was a really thick book with hard pages, safe for baby to slobber on, sit … [Read more...]

How To Make Cascarones

I was first introduced to the Cascarones when my son's (at the time) girlfriend brought his sisters some confetti filled eggs. We loved them and they made for awesome pictures. I knew I had to learn how to make cascarones.  Since we moved to San Antonio, we see Cascarones being sold at almost every grocery store during Fiesta and we always buy some every year. After stumbling upon a blog post from Alamo City Mom's Blog on how to make home made Cascarones, I decided to try my hand at it … [Read more...]