Before You Post.. Ask Yourself.. What Would My Mama Think?

Have you ever heard the phrase 'Think Before You Speak' or 'Be Careful With Your Words. Once They Are Said, They Can Only Be Forgiven Not Forgotten'?We now live in the technology age, so we must also consider:I will be the first to admit that I have posted stupid stuff on the internet via Facebook, but I try to learn from my mistakes. Sadly, too many people of all ages, preteens to senior citizens, do not always think before they post. Too often I see hate talk, be it against their own family, … [Read more...]

Vivien Thomas — In Honor of Black History Month

Vivien ThomasWhere would my daughter be if it had not been for Vivien Thomas?Here are some facts about Vivien Thomas:He grew up in Nashville and had hopes of becoming a doctor, but unfortunately the Great Depression changed his plans. He had to put his education on hold and he became a carpenter. In 1930 he secured a job as a surgical research technician with Dr Alfred Blalock; however was classified and paid as a janitor. On his first day of work, Thomas assisted Blalock on a surgical … [Read more...]

My Review of the Show ‘Weeds’.. I’m a Netflix Junkie

What can I say, I am a Netflix Junkie and I am behind the times. I am currently playing catch up on a lot of great shows that no one bothered to tell me about throughout the years.My first television show series review will be on the American, dark comedy 'Weeds' that stars the beautiful and talented Mary-Louise Parker. (SN- some say Mary Louise Parker and I resemble one another)Let me start by saying I can be oblivious to things, some would call me slow, dingy, or even 'air headish'; I prefer … [Read more...]

My Food Review of Cantina Del Rio in Gruene, Texas (Who Knew… It Was National Margarita Day)

Saturday, February 22nd was National Margarita Day; I did not even know this until after the fact. Thankfully since my morning random weigh in made me delightfully happy I landed at a cantina that served food with melted cheese over refried beans and fajita meat. Oh thank you, Jesus, for my weight that morning!That morning, my family piled in the car thinking that we were going to a neighborhood garage sale and then to Sonic for a drink. Little did we know that we were going to drive 30 minutes … [Read more...]