I Just Got My Big Fat Check From Ebates

Yesterday my husband got the mail and handed me an envelope that was from Ebates. This made me happy because I knew that there was a BIG FAT CHECK inside that envelope waiting for me! I ripped open the envelope and there it was, my BIG FAT CHECK for $5.68! Oh ya, lunch is on Ebates!I love Ebates and I have been a member since.... forever. For those that do not know what Ebates is, it is an online cash back savings program. It is simple, if you are planning on shopping online go to Ebates.com … [Read more...]

Out Of The Mouths of Babes and Their Mama

I love the moments when my kids surprise me with funny phrases. They always put me in a good mood and make for a funny story to tell. I sometimes pat myself on the back because their funnies make me proud that they inherited the 'funny gene'. Here are just a few of the funnies that I can remember off the top of my head.Bella- 2 yrs old:'Mommy, I'm crying! Mommy do I have tears?'I told Bella it was night night time and she says, 'It's not night night time, it's good morning time!'Bella asks, 'Can … [Read more...]

I’ve Been Eating So Much Special K Lately That I Do Indeed Believe I Have Become Special

I used to only eat- on occasion- Special K cereal (the one with chocolate pieces of course), but since I am on this 'only eat healthy or/and high fiber snacks' I am looking at snacks differently.I am in love with the Special K Cracker Chips. They are so good and each flavor that I have tried are amazing. The crackers are light and crisp and flavorful, but I have to be careful because it is as if they melt in your mouth. This causes me to want to eat the entire box in one sitting; which would … [Read more...]

42 Days Clean and I Cracked

February 15th of 2014 marked my 42nd day of being 'clean'. Clean of that 'must have' feeling, clean of the 40 grams of sugar per 12 oz serving, free of weight gain, and free of wasting my money on the 'poison'.  42 days is an all time record for me, but what can I say, I cracked! I was having such a horrid day. I was suffering from a 3 day sinus headache, credit card numbers for orders were not going through, I messed up an order, my house got dirty overnight after I spent all day … [Read more...]