CHD Awareness Week February 7- 14

CHD = Congenital Heart DefectMy oldest daughter, from the second set of kids, was born with a Congenital Heart Defect. She was diagnosed with Tetralogy of Fallot and was lucky enough to only have to have one operation to repair her heart; where as other people/ kids are not so lucky.I read a blog post that was shared by another 'Heart Mom' and all I could think of was 'THIS IS AN AWESOME IDEA!'. So with that said, I am going to share the post with you and hope that you share it and I encourage … [Read more...]

They Say I’m 25% Espanol But Someone Forgot To Tell My Taste Buds

Okay, here is the deal, apparently I have some Spanish in my blood but I don't have any Spanish in my taste buds. I am not sure how this happened, but it is quite annoying especially when I get 'that look' from my husband when I ask the waitress if the food on the menu is spicy and if she says, 'it's not really spicy', I know to steer away from it.Today I tried to venture out and try something new. The other day we bought some stuffed jalapeno peppers from HEB. As usual HEB has a way to make all … [Read more...]

Oh Dear GOD What Did I Just Sit On

I am the type of person that is constantly rushing, moving and not always paying attention to my surroundings. It is a very bad habit that has caused me to step on puppies, run into 'short people' (aka toddlers), literally run into walls and a lot of other preventable accidents. Saturday afternoon was no different; actually it was a little different. Oh wait, who am I kidding, Saturday was A LOT different!Saturday I was wrapping up orders from my Sassy Bratz business. I had ribbon, product, … [Read more...]

Turkey and Veggie Roll Ups

When I am on a health kick, I tend to eat lots of beans, turkey and veggies. Here is one of my favorite health kick recipes.Easy crock pot pinto beans- Mix your rinsed beans with bell peppers, red peppers, onions, and chicken stock and cook on high for six hours. Season your beans with Pinto Bean Seasoning. I love Fiesta--probably because San Antonio is right next door to us. You pick your bread of choice. I go for the high fiber w flax seed bread. Cook your turkeySeason your meat. I … [Read more...]