My Fabulous Oatmeal Review

During this health kick that I am on, I have been eating the best almond butter, jelly and banana sandwiches for breakfast. After my tenth day of having one I decided to try something different for breakfast, so I opened up my pantry and took a look. I moved around the endless bags of chips, the HEB chocolate chip cookies and the multi grain crackers and found oatmeal cups. Actually, I found three different brands of oatmeal cups, they must have gotten lost during my non healthy health kick. I … [Read more...]

She Will Take the Lady Diana Hair Cut

These are the words I heard from my mother from the age of 6 to around 9 years old. When I was 5 years old I had long beautiful hair; I was so cute.I suppose my hair got too long and my mom got too busy with brushing out my knots that she made the decision that tending to my hair daily was not something she wanted to do anymore. From the moment her decision was made the instructions for the hair cutting lady was 'Give her the Lady Diana cut.'; aka a boy haircut..Obviously by looking at this … [Read more...]

My New Breakfast Addiction

For 3 weeks I have been on a health kick to try and lose my flabbidy flab. Since that time I feel like I am obsessed with food and get really excited about meal time; I suppose this is because I have made myself stop snacking throughout the entire day.While I am on this health kick, forgive me for posting and talking about my food; hopefully my obsession will die down soon, but in the meantime....Introducing my new breakfast addiction:Toasted 'Healthy' Flat BreadLather some AWESOME Almond Butter … [Read more...]

I Bet You Can’t Top My Biggest Beauty Flaws

As humans most of us try our best to look young and glam; some more than others. So much money is spent on making yourself look beautiful. Some people go and get professional beauty makeovers, while others do it at home.I am the type of person that hates spending a lot of money and time at a beauty salon or spa to get re beautified, so I opt to buy the beauty product at the grocery store and do it myself at home, which has sometimes backfired on me. Read some of my biggest beauty flaws and let … [Read more...]