Why My Family Used to Love Disney

Over the years my family has visited Walt Disney World and Disneyland quite a few times.  Each of our visits consisted of new adventures and new memories.  It was our favorite vacation to take as a family.  We loved planning each visit and we did our best to experience new rides, shows, and eateries.  I think what I loved the most was that I got to see the magic of Disney in each of my children's eyes. As a parent, it was a wonderful thing to experience. Sadly, … [Read more...]

Read This Before You Give Your Money to Disney

I grew up watching Disney movies.  Growing up, I think my favorites were Mary Poppins, The Lady, and the Tramp and Bambi.  I'm not sure if these were my favorite movies because I saw them at a movie theater with my mom. These Disney movies did create very special memories for me which I still cherish today.  When I had kids of my own we made several trips to Walt Disney World. We also watched and enjoyed many of the Disney movies ourselves as a family.  When my … [Read more...]

5 Things New Moms Never Talk About

This post contains affiliate links. See full disclosure here. I think that the more children that you have the easier it is to talk about almost anything.  During childbirth and the post-exams that follow, our body parts are on display for all to see.  So when it comes to talking about details of childbirth and the unusual things that happen afterward, for most experienced moms it comes easy.  Sadly many new moms can be shy or timid when it comes to sharing childbirth … [Read more...]

Tips for a Stress-Free Moving Experience

This is a paid sponsorship. All opinions are my own.  Moving can be stressful, but it does not have to be. If you take the proper steps of preparation and execution, your life can be significantly easier during a move. How? Let me explain. First of all, everyone is different, so you have to make sure that you know your strengths and weaknesses. If your weakness is organization, maybe really focus on that before the movers come. If you cannot lift a box to save your life, … [Read more...]

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