Art Party Birthday Party Favors

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Art Party Birthday Party Favors Plus Printable

My soon to be 11-year-old daughter has requested an art party for her upcoming birthday. I am very excited about this party because her art teacher is going to come to our house and host a ‘Painting with a Twist’ themed birthday party and since my daughter is the most amazing artist I have ever met, I want to make this the most memorable party ever. One of the most important parts of the party for the kids are the party favors. Kids love and cannot wait to find out what kind of party favors they will be bringing home, so I wanted to share with you the Art Party Birthday Party Favors that I have chosen for the kids plus a printable.

Art Party Birthday Party Favors

I asked my daughter what she thought should be included in the party favors for her upcoming art party and the first thing she said was a drawing journal. I thought this was a perfect idea because this would allow the kids to keep up with their art. In addition to the drawing journal, I added a colorful ink pen so they could start sketching. 

Art Books and Colorful Pens

If you follow me on my YouTube channel,  you may have seen my daughter’s video clip of her Chibi Cookie Monster Girl made out of Oven Bake Clay. You can create so many awesome figures from this clay, so I knew that I needed to add it to the party favors. They also come in a variety of super bright colors.

Oven Baked Clay

Since art can be colorful, I wanted to add some bright and colorful candy and I knew the kids would appreciate the sugar. After I gathered all of the party favors I tied them together with a ribbon and added a cute printable that read ‘Paint the World with Color!’ that you can find here.


Paint the World w Color Printable

I am very excited for my daughter’s 11th birthday party. She is getting at the age where it’s almost impossible to plan the perfect and reasonably priced birthday party. Since she is an artist at heart, I know this will end up being an amazing party and I think that the art party birthday party favors are perfect for her age group.

Art Party Birthday Favors

What party favors would you include for an art party?


  1. What a great party idea!! I love the party favors…kids love art and this party would keep them busy!

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