Perfect Gifts for Unexpected Visitors

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Christmastime brings a lot of parties, family visitors, and guests. Each year I make a list of who I need to buy a gift for so I am ready when I see them, however there are times when I am invited to a last minute Christmas party or when an unexpected friend or family member arrives at my door. I know I am not the only one that this happens to so I created a list of perfect gifts for unexpected visitors to help you out.

Perfect Gifts for Unexpected Visitors

When I stock up on gifts, I try and make them somewhat gender neutral, however often times I tend to purchase and choose gifts that are geared towards women, but if you can, it is a good idea to try and stock up on a variety of different items.

Candles Candles are a great gift to give to almost anyone. There is a variety of scents and most everyone can use them. 

Body Scrubs– Body scrubs are a great gift. There is a variety of different scents and most women love them.

Soaps– Everyone needs soap, but luxury soap is the best. It comes in amazing scents and is a perfect way to make a bathroom smell amazing.

Cheese Knives– These are perfect for people that entertain a lot.

Wine Bottle Tool Set– A perfect gift for the wine lover and / or for someone that entertains a lot.

Lotion– I love to gift unexpected visitors lotion. It is one of those gifts that you cannot go wrong with.

These are just a few simple ideas on what you can stock up on for when unexpected visitors arrive at your home. It is also a great list for hostess gift ideas. What ideas can you add? Do you have any gift ideas for men?

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