Plan the Perfect Fiesta Celebration

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Plan the Perfect Fiesta Celebration with Friends and Family

My family relocated to San Antonio 5 years ago and we have loved every minute of it. One of our favorite things about San Antonio are the traditions and culture that the entire city holds to heart. Our favorite annual celebration is Fiesta San Antonio that happens in April and lasts for around 2 weeks. If you have not heard of Fiesta, it is a spring festival that happens all over the city and brings in quite a bit of money for San Antonio. For many, like myself, it is basically one huge party. Since our family now lives outside of San Antonio, we like to continue to celebrate Fiesta but often times we celebrate at home with our friends and family. I’d love to share with you how to Plan the Perfect Fiesta Celebration so you can join in on the fun.

Plan the Perfect Fiesta Celebration

When you are planning your Fiesta Celebration, a few things that you want to have are colorful decorations, a variety of Mexican food, music, fun activities for the kids, and energy. My favorite place to shop for my Fiesta party supplies is at Walmart. Our local Walmarts actually have a Fiesta section that has amazing decorations and they have all of the food that you need for your Fiesta menu. I made sure to pick up a colorful tablecloth, colorful tissue paper for paper flowers, flower crowns, a pinata, a sombrero, and some amazing food. I made sure to grab taco shells and then I went to the bean aisle and picked up some Bush’s Hummus Made Easy. I knew that this would be the perfect addition to the Fiesta party not only because it is simple to make but very convenient.

Fiesta Party Supplies

The first step to preparing the perfect Fiesta Celebration is to create and prep the party decorations. I created colorful tissue paper flowers to add fun and color to the tablescape and I filled a donkey pinata with tons of candy. I like to include a pinata for the kids so that they have something fun and exciting to look forward to.

Fiesta Decorations from Walmart

The most important step to planning your Fiesta Celebration is the food. I make sure to include a variety of foods that are simple to make and that will please all types of eaters. For this year’s Fiesta, I planned to make tacos, dips, hot sauce, and quesadillas. I wanted to incorporate Bush’s Hummus Made Easy into most of these recipes, in addition to making simple and delicious dips with them. Instead of using refried beans for the tacos and the quesadillas, I used Bush’s Hummus Made Easy. I knew that the hummus would be a healthy substitute instead of using refried beans and it would add a great kick to the tacos and quesadillas.

Fiesta Foods Made with Hummus

After all of my delicious food was ready, I prepared the tablescape. I decorated the table with the colorful flowers that I made, the Fiesta decorations that I bought at Walmart along with the amazing food and dips.

Tacos and Quesadillas for Fiesta

Once our family and friends arrived, it was time to Fiesta! Our parties are always relaxed, fun, and very entertaining. Since we live in the country we are able to turn up the Tejano music, which is always Selena, without bothering anyone. Since it’s such a casual party, family and friends eat throughout the entire day, relax outside, laugh, and watch the kids play. Of course, the pinata was a huge hit with the kids and even some of the adults. Some of the younger kids needed help with making contact with the pinata, but once the candy started to fall we had happy kids everywhere.

Pinata Fun During Fiesta

The adults and the kids loved each dish. I was super impressed that my middle child gobbled up the Bush’s Hummus Made Easy. She is my pickiest eater so I made sure not to tell her that hummus was made with beans. My guests loved the kick that the Red Pepper Hummus gave the quesadillas and how the Black Bean Hummus was perfect alone and on the tacos.

Mom Love Hummus

Quesadillas and Hummus

From the outdoor fun, bright beautiful colors, conversation, laughter, and food, our Fiesta Celebration was a success. If you plan on hosting your own celebration, just remember that the key to planning the perfect Fiesta Celebration is family, music, friends, laughter, good food, and cascarones! If you have never heard of cascarones, here is a fun tutorial on how to make them. They are a must for a successful Fiesta celebration!

Confetti Heads

Does your town have a celebration that everyone gets excited about? How do you plan the perfect Fiesta celebration? Don’t forget to shop at Walmart for everything you need including Bush’s Hummus Made Easy.

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  1. You definitely just made me crave a whole lot of Mexican food 😉 But it’s one of my favorites, so it doesn’t take much 😉

  2. How fun….we have visited San Antonio a few times and always have a great time! Love your colorful party and yummy food!

  3. This party looks so fun!! Thank you for sharing all your great ideas. Plus, it’s in time for Cinco De Mayo Parties!!

  4. That looks like such a fun party idea!

  5. Looks like fun was had by all! The recipes look delicious. I have scheduled you for social media tomorrow. Kelli’s Kitchen

  6. Yay for Fiestas! Ooh I bet living in San Antonio they are a huge deal 🙂 I love hummus in tacos, what a great way to enjoy a Southwest flavor with a little twist 🙂

  7. What a fun party! My youngest loves to look at pinatas every time we go to the store, I should throw him a Fiesta party!

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