Rock Painting

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Rock Painting

With summer right around the corner, a fun way to keep kids busy is by letting them do some fun Rock Painting. It also lets kids use their creative minds to create beautiful and fun decorations for your yard or garden. Another great thing about rock painting is that it’s the perfect craft for kids and grown-ups of all ages.

Rock Painting

In our yard, we have a few beds that are filled with river rock. These, in my opinion, are the best rocks to paint because they are smooth and oftentimes they come in different sizes and shapes. When you paint rocks you will need a few simple supplies that include rocks (river rocks are my preference), acrylic paints, paper towels, and paintbrushes.

My 10-year-old loves to paint rocks, so she was nice enough to create a simple picture tutorial on how to paint a llama unicorn on a rock.

DIY Rock Unicorn

My girls had so much fun rock painting and each girl had a different style and design. I love having my girls decorate rocks and then use them to decorate our flower beds. It’s fun to have them create decorative rocks for each season. Here is Sugar Skull rock tutorial that my daughter created.  It came out amazing and even though we should put it out in October during dia de los Muertos we keep it out all year long!

Rock Painting Star

Do your kids paint rocks? What do you do to keep them busy during the summer?


  1. Adorable! I remember doing that as a child on sea shells. Will need to do it soon with my boys.

  2. I painted a lot of rocks as a kid…I am also told that I would walk around the block and try to sell them to our neighbors for a penny each, LOL! This is a good reminder of a simple craft idea to keep my younger kids busy while I do yard work!

  3. I remember rock paining as a child and loved it. I’m pretty sure I still have one of them somewhere as a door stop.

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