Sands Alive!™ Glow House Party

I received a complimentary Sands Alive!­™ Glow kit to host a House Party. All opinions are my own and in addition, this post contains affiliate links to make your shopping easier.  #SandsAliveParty

When I was chosen to participate in the Sands Alive!™ Glow House Party I was thrilled. I have heard such great things about Sand Alive!™ and this was the first time I had  heard of the Glow version. I was eager to send invitations to my guests and tell my daughter about the Glow party we were going to have!

Sands Alive Glow House Party

When the Sands Alive!™ Glow House Party box arrived I was very excited to open it and see what was inside. We received 4 pounds of sand, glow lights, glow glasses and fun sand toys. If you plan on purchasing a Sands Alive!™ Glow kit I recommend that you purchase a deep tray to contain the sand while the kids play. In addition, I suggest that you purchase a container that has a tight seal so that you can store your sand.

Sands Alive Glow Kit

Our Sands Alive!™ Glow party included kids from the age 2 to 10. Since there was such an age gap I grouped the kids and had them play at different times. The younger kids loved making roads and castles. In addition, I took the opportunity to sit with them teach them shapes.

Little Ones Play First

The sand is very interesting. It is not like any other sand but very dough like. The kids kept saying they felt like they were playing with pizza dough. It was great for them because it made it easier for them to mold it into shapes and was also easy to clean up.

little hands

The older kids enjoyed the Sands Alive!™ Glow just as much as the younger kids. They also created roads and houses but were a little bit more detailed. Their favorite part of it all was when they took the tray of sand to their closet, turned off the lights and saw that the sand actually glowed! We were all amazed because there are so many products that say their product glows and it doesn’t but the Sands Alive!™ Glow actually glowed!

Sands Alive Glow Actually Glows

The party guests and I were very impressed with Sands Alive!™ Glow. What we liked most about it was that it was easy to mold into shapes, it was great for hands of all sizes and it actually glowed. I especially liked that it kept them busy, their minds active and it encouraged them to work together.

The Sands Alive Glow Party Gang

 Have you tried Sands Alive!™ Glow? If you are planning on purchasing it for your kids this holiday season, make sure to include the supplies I mentioned above. This toy will definitely keep them busy for hours!

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