Show Your Lalaloopsy Love This Christmas

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Last year I wrote a post that told of my girl’s love for Lalaloopsy Dolls and talked about how each Christmas they are gifted one from Santa Claus. There are so many different Lalaloopsy Dolls that allow your kids to choose the perfect ones that reflect their personality. Another great thing that I love about these dolls is that there are so many different toy options from big Lalaloopsy dolls to mini dolls to softer dolls. I love them all and love to see the faces of my girls when they see which one Santa left for them. Since there are so many dolls I wanted to compile a list of some of my kid’s favorites so that maybe you can show your Lalaloopsy love this Christmas.

Show Your Lalaloopsy Love This Christmas

Every year Santa brings my girls a Large Lalaloopsy. These are the cutest dolls that come with a little pet. There are so many different varieties and certainly one that will fit each child’s personality. These are my girl’s favorites.

Lalaloopsy Big


Lalaloopsy Minis


Lalaloopsy dolls are the cutest and the variety of dolls will amaze you! I love that Santa takes the time to match these dolls with my child’s personality each Christmas when he gifts them one. My oldest daughter is 10 years old and she still loves these dolls, so they are not easily grown out of. If you know anyone that loves these dolls then take the time to show your Lalaloopsy love this Christmas.

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