Sweet and Salty S’mores

Sweet & Salty Smores Perfect for Adding a Pazazz to the Plain Smores

Every time our family goes camping, it’s a given that we will roast marshmallows by the open fire and have S’mores after dinner. We love the taste of melted chocolate with a gooey marshmallow squished in between two graham crackers, but on this day, I had a wonderful idea. Earlier in the day I was in a snacking kind of mood, so I grabbed a marshmallow, popped it in my mouth, then I grabbed a pretzel and popped that in my mouth and gave the two a nice crunch. The sweet and salty flavors gave me a great idea. I decided that night by the open fire I would create my very own version of the S’mores and call it Sweet and Salty S’mores.

Sweet and Salty S'mores

The Sweet and Salty S’mores concoction is simple. I used graham crackers, Hershey’s chocolate (only the best), marshmallows and Pretzel Crisps from the Snack Factory. The Pretzel Crisps are great because the flat shape makes it  easier to put between the graham crackers.

Sweet and Salty S'mores Ingredients

Before you roast your marshmallow, make sure that you prep the pretzels. Since they come in all sizes, I simply crunched them up and placed them on a plate with the other items. When you make S’mores, you have to work fast so make sure that you have everything laid out on a plate. If you are not prepared, then it could be tragic.

Sweet & Salty S'mores

Sweet and Salty S’mores


  • Large Marshmallows
  • Chocolate Bar
  • Graham Crackers
  • Pretzel Crisps
  • Fruit (optional)


  1. Lay out your graham crackers
  2. Lay out the pretzels and chocolate onto the graham cracker
  3. Roast marshmallow and then place between the two crackers
  4. Smoosh the two crackers together
  5. Enjoy!
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After I assembled my Sweet and Salty S’mores, I slowly brought it to my mouth and took a nice size bite. It was amazing. The warm melted chocolate and the sweet gooey roasted marshmallow that was combined with the salty pretzel was amazing. I sat there and wondered what took me so long to think of this. I will never look at another S’more the same way.


  1. katrina g says

    that looks so good. I’m going to have to make this soon!

  2. This is a wonderful recipe. I love all sweets, but I’m an especially big fan of sweets that have a nice salty tone to them as well.

  3. PRetzels and chocolate are always a great combination. That is making me hungry!

  4. nothing not to love there, true? LOL

  5. This is one of those recipes that make you say, “Now why didn’t I think of that?” I love the combination of sweet and salty so this is going to be a recipe we try next over the camp fire.

  6. Never had pretzels on s’mores. Great idea, I’ll bet it tastes fantastic!

  7. Amanda McMahon says

    Snores are so much fun. It is hard for me to find marshmallows here in India but I miss these!

  8. Pretzel crisps? Now you’re really tempting me with S’mores. I’m a girl who can’t resist pretzels.

  9. Oh we have got to try this!!!

  10. Great idea. This looks yummy. I love the sweet and salty combo. And anything marshmallow.

  11. What a fun idea to add salty to the mix. I’d be the one in the house who loved these.

  12. Oh my goodness! Why have I never thought to do this before?! I can’t wait to try salty and sweet smore’s! Yum!

  13. Jennifer Williams says

    That is such a neat twixt on the classic amore’s. I would have never thought to add pretzels.

  14. This sounds amazing! What a great combo!

  15. Oh yum that looks totally delicious – I do want to jump in and tuck in right now! x

  16. Yum. I love the sweet and salty combo. Great idea!

  17. I love Smores. I would have never thought to use the pretzle crisps! Cant wait to make it.

  18. I love any combo of sweet and salty. This looks like a great twist on traditional s’mores!

  19. That looks delicious! I love mixing sweet and salty!

  20. Those sound and looks delicious. S’mores are a favorite of mine for sure.

  21. we are crazy over pretzel crisps. your idea has us drooling and praying for cold weather so we can do our south Florida smores!

  22. Oh my Mouth!!!! Its watering and won’t stop. Adding a pretzel crisp is just brilliant!

  23. Masshole Mommy says

    Those sound heavenly! I am sure those would go over real big with my kids!

  24. Oh holy cow woman! This is dangerous to read while hungry! Warn a girl! Pinning!

  25. This looks so yummy!! Sweet and salty is the best. Great idea using the pretzels.

  26. Oooh! Those sound heavenly! I love the sweet and salty combo, especially when chocolate is involved. Yum!

  27. Mmmm…a nice twist on a classic recipe. I love sweet + salty desserts!

  28. Genius! So trying this!

  29. Mmm, that looks good and is making me hungry.

  30. These look yummy. I’ll have to give them a try the next time we do a fire in our pit. 🙂

  31. These look really good. I don’t think I’ve ever combined sweet and salty but it looks like it would be yummy!

  32. It has been years since I’ve last made smores. I’m going to pin this for later, thanks Aimee!

  33. So indulgent! Looks like a yummy combo

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