Chicken and Dumplings

 Disclaimer: As part of Hamilton Beach's Brand Ambassador program, I received this product for testing purposes. However, the opinion expressed here is my own. My favorite type of food is comfort food, so when I received the Set & Forget 6 Quart Programmable Slow Cooker from Hamilton Beach I knew I had to make my family my famous Chicken and Dumplings. As I was growing up, my mom would make the best Chicken and Dumplings. She would spend hours in the kitchen preparing the chicken over … [Read more...]

Vegetable Stew

“I received a  Slow Cooker Gift Pack on behalf of Red Gold tomatoes.” The season of slow cooking has arrived with busy schedules that consist of homework, taking kids to football practice, and driving all over town for appointments and school events. With all of the activities that come with the fall season, it is hard to schedule time to stay in the kitchen and cook a healthy meal for the family. With Red Gold tomatoes it is easy and convenient to create a meal that allows families to eat … [Read more...]

Sweet and Salty S’mores

Every time our family goes camping, it's a given that we will roast marshmallows by the open fire and have S'mores after dinner. We love the taste of melted chocolate with a gooey marshmallow squished in between two graham crackers, but on this day, I had a wonderful idea. Earlier in the day I was in a snacking kind of mood, so I grabbed a marshmallow, popped it in my mouth, then I grabbed a pretzel and popped that in my mouth and gave the two a nice crunch. The sweet and salty flavors gave me a … [Read more...]

Grilled Peaches

A few weeks ago I had an overabundance of peaches and needed to find a way to use them. I did not have enough to make Peach Cobbler  so I seeked advice on my House of Fauci's Facebook page for ideas on what I should do with them. I got quite a response. A couple of responses suggested that I make Grilled Peaches. I have never made grilled peaches so I had to research and seek out a recipe. I found a recipe on the Food Network website that was provided by Bobby Flay called Grilled Peaches with … [Read more...]