JW Illumination in San Antonio

I was recently invited by a representative of the JW Marriott to attend the JW Illumination in San Antonio, Texas. This would be my first time to attend this event and since it was a family friendly event in San Antonio, I was very excited.  When my family and I arrived at the JW Marriott, the first thing that my 3 year old said was, "Mommy, this place is beautiful!" As I looked at the well trimmed landscape, the beautiful outside decor and the holiday ambiance, I had to agree with my … [Read more...]

Lulu’s Bakery and Cafe

Whenever I have people visit San Antonio they always ask me where they should eat breakfast. One of the first places I always tell them to eat at is Lulu's Bakery and Cafe; home of the 3 pound cinnamon roll! Yes, you heard correctly, the 3 pound cinnamon roll. The funny thing is, I would suggest that my friends and guests eat here but I had never eaten here myself. After an over night stay at the River Walk I told my husband and kids that we were going to eat a 3 pound cinnamon roll; my girls … [Read more...]

John T Floore Country Store

One of my favorite things to do is to drive through small towns and find interesting shops and eating establishments. On this day we were in Helotes, Texas; a small city right outside of San Antonio, Texas. As we entered the city I saw the coolest country store that had an awesome truck parked outside of it and signs, all kinds of signs posted on and around the building. I knew we had to stop; so we did. My husband had previously read that John T Floore Country Store was listed in the 2001 … [Read more...]

Comal County Tacos

Every now and then my husband and I just like to drive! We pile into the car with no where in our mind to go and we drive to see what discovery we can make. One Saturday morning after we got our standard Sonic teas we were driving down Highway 46 and saw a little taco shop called Comal County Tacos. We pulled into the tiny parking lot to get a closer look. The first thing we noticed was how crowded it was. There were several cars constantly going in and out of the parking lot and the building … [Read more...]