Our Trip to Gruene

The other day we spent most of the day in Gruene, Texas. If you don't know where Gruene is, it is about 40 (give or take) minutes from San Antonio or from Austin, Texas. It is a little town that is not only breathe taking but a town that is full of history and shopping; along with so many good places to eat. Here is a little bit of what we experienced during our trip to Gruene. When we arrived in Gruene, we had to eat. I wanted to eat by the river at an awesome place called Gristmill, but we … [Read more...]

Marianitos Extreme Tex Mex Grill

When our family first moved to San Antonio three years ago we were amazed by the food selection that this great city had to offer. This city had fabulous Mexican food, BBQ, awesome burgers and so much more. Having watched many food challenge episodes on the Travel Channel and Food Network we discovered that San Antonio had quite a bit of restaurants that were highlighted on these shows. One San Antonio restaurant that caught our attention was Marianitos Extreme Tex Mex Grill; home of the 7 Pound … [Read more...]

Moroccan Bites in San Antonio Texas

My husband and I love to watch travel and food shows that highlight restaurants from cities that are near us. A few weeks ago, we were watching Diners, Drive Ins and Dives hosted by Guy Fieri. He was at a local restaurant called Moroccan Bites in San Antonio Texas not sure if it was a dive or a diner. After we watched the episode I looked up at my husband and said, 'We HAVE to go there!'.  Moroccan Bites is not a restaurant I would have ever gone to without first having seen it featured on … [Read more...]

Celebrating Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation

I first learned about Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation three years ago when I first moved to San Antonio. We were at Old Navy and as we were leaving a lady was at the exit passing out little cups of lemonade along with bright yellow lemonade stickers that read 'Alex's Lemonade Stand'. She took the time to explain what the foundation was about. After her story, we handed her some money for the foundation and walked away with our refreshing cups of lemonade. The following year, a company that … [Read more...]