Banana Pudding Crunch

The other day I was craving some good old fashion Southern Banana Pudding, but sadly I did not have all of the ingredients. Since I had everything I needed except for the Nilla Wafers I decided to peruse my pantry to find an alternative. I had recently purchased a big bag of Pretzel Crisps, so I decided to use these and create an easy family recipe, Banana Pudding Crunch. Banana Pudding Crunch Recipe Type: Sweets Author: House of Fauci's A simple twist on Banana … [Read more...]

Heavenly Brownies

Often times our grocery store will have a meal deal that offers extras when you purchase a certain product. On this day, our extra was Kraft's Marshmallow Creme. When I was a kid I would make peanut butter, marshmallow creme and banana sandwiches, but I was not sure that my kids would appreciate this sandwich like I did. I decided to mix it up with some brownie mix and turn it into my version of Heavenly Brownies.  Bake: Follow the baking directions on the brownie box. The main … [Read more...]

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