Teach Our Girls to Be Inspirational Women

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I am a mom of 4 girls, I have 1 grand daughter, I have 2 sisters, was raised by my mother in a single-parent household, and I have the most amazing grandmother that is beautiful inside and out. Throughout my school years, I was educated by teachers that inspired me to be the best that I could be and during my time in the work force, I worked with some amazing women. Each morning when I wake up to the site of my beautiful girls, and each day after school when they run up to me from the bus stop and eagerly tell me about their day, I ask myself how they will learn to become inspirational women for others to look up to, so I thought it might be helpful to create a post on ways I think we could Teach Our Girls to Be Inspirational Women.

Teach Our Girls to Be Inspirational Women

There are so many ways that we can teach our girls to be inspirational women. Since no two girls are the same, teachings will most likely differ from child to child.

  • The Golden Rule:  “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Each morning before my girls go to school, I always remind them to make a friend that doesn’t have a friend. I want my girls to be that girl/woman that people feel comfortable going to and know that they will not be judged but loved.
  • Creative- Encourage creativity in your child. Whether it be a special artistic talent, singing, a sport, a musical instrument, if your child is creative and shares their creativity with others, it may inspire someone else to want to try it themselves.
  • Humility- Teach your child as they grow what humility is and as their parent, practice humility yourself.
  • Biographies– Have your child read a variety of different biographies of inspirational women or men. This will give them a better feeling of what it is to be inspirational.
  • Courage- Instill courage within your child. Encourage them to try new things, set goals, and work towards accomplishing those goals. Women that see other women do this lets them know it’s possible to succeed and be okay even if you don’t.
  • Honesty- Teach your child the importance of honesty, but also the importance of being respectful while being honest.
  • Education- Talk to your kids about the importance of education. Explain to them that learning goes beyond school and that those that are educated can go much farther in life than those that are not.

In order to teach our girls to be inspirational women, we must teach them while they are young. Instilling the importance of humility, creativity, courage, and honesty while they are young will mold them to be inspirational and beautiful women when they are older. How do you teach your girls to be inspirational women?

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  1. Beautiful and well said! I’m very grateful and lucky to have my grandma and mom as strong role models! My grandma especially has inspired me so much!

  2. Yes! I am so thankful that my parents took the time to actually teach me. I see some kids that, even though I am sure their parents love them, it seems clear that the kids aren’t being taught good behavior, etc.
    As a nanny, I want to make sure I do things that aid the child’s life, behavior, and habits, so that as much is it is in my power, she grows up to be a Jesus lover and an inspiration.

  3. Your daughters are beautiful! I’m sure you inspire them everyday!

  4. I loved what you had to say Aimee. I have one daughter who is now one of the kindest people that I know. It all started when she asked me to help her save a moth from a puddle of water. She is still a hero to me and others. What a gift our daughters are. Thank you for the lovely reminder.

  5. This is great!

    Your first suggestion is one that worked well for our girls. They found someone who looked lonely and offered friendship. Sometime those are the hardest, because they take a lot of effort. I loved them all! The last one – to keep on learning – is really important. This world is full of amazing ways to teach yourself!

  6. I was looking forward to reading this one and it did not disappoint- this is awesome Aimee! And I love your picture of all your girls, its so perfect, showing their unique personalities! Thank you so much for sharing!

  7. Our daughters are so precious and you’re right, we need to teach them to be inspirational and show them how with our lives. 🙂 Thanks for writing this!

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