50 Things to Teach Your Kids Before They Become Adults

50 Things to Teach Your Child Before They Become an Adult

As a mom with kids that range from 5 years old to their late 20’s, I see how much the world has changed. For example, when my older kids were young, social media was not heard of until their teens. They had to actually write a letter to their friends, whereas now, my kids will send a text. I look back at my older kids and what they had to learn and I look at my younger kids now and realize that so much is not being taught or even discussed with them that I worry that they will not be completely molded if it’s not taught to them.  With all of this said, I randomly thought of 50 Things to Teach Your Kids Before They Become Adults.

Teach your kids this before they become adults

  1. Write a letter
  2. Address an envelope
  3. How to mail a letter
  4. Mail a package
  5. How to change a tire
  6. Write a check
  7. Read a credit card statement
  8. Understand credit card terms
  9. What interest is and what it all means
  10. How to call your credit card company to have your interest lowered
  11. How to balance your bank account
  12. Read instructions
  13. Cook
  14. Bake
  15. Separate laundry
  16. Wash laundry
  17. Volunteer
  18. Accept change
  19. How to vote, where to vote, and to register to vote
  20. Understand how the electoral college works
  21. Take personal responsibility
  22. Encourage others
  23. Accept losing
  24. Never give up
  25. Learn to accept failure
  26. Write in cursive
  27. Open the door for others
  28. Pick up trash as you see it (even if it’s not yours)
  29. How to manage your money
  30. Always say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’
  31. Always say ‘excuse me’
  32. Smile
  33. Say ‘hello’ and ‘good morning’ to others
  34. Look people in the eyes
  35. Compliment others
  36. The beauty of nature
  37. A proper handshake
  38. Tips on interviewing for a job
  39. History
  40. How to drive a standard
  41. How to have a conversation
  42. What to do if you break down on the highway
  43. How to call a company
  44. How to handle yourself while at work (ie. what not to talk about)
  45. Proper way to use social media (what not to post)
  46. Listen to others when speaking
  47. Put your phone down
  48. Organization
  49. How to read a map
  50. Love yourself! 

This list is not in any particular order and these randomly popped in my head. Sadly, I see so many ‘adult’ children not able to do most of the items that I listed, so I know the importance of teaching our kids certain tasks in life so they can grow properly. Can you add to my list of 50 Things to Teach Your Kids Before They Become Adults?


  1. How to debate

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