They Say I’m 25% Espanol But Someone Forgot To Tell My Taste Buds

Okay, here is the deal, apparently I have some Spanish in my blood but I don’t have any Spanish in my taste buds. I am not sure how this happened, but it is quite annoying especially when I get ‘that look’ from my husband when I ask the waitress if the food on the menu is spicy and if she says, ‘it’s not really spicy’, I know to steer away from it.

Today I tried to venture out and try something new. The other day we bought some stuffed jalapeno peppers from HEB. As usual HEB has a way to make all food that they cook and prep look really good, so I grabbed some and promised my husband I would try them.

I got so excited as the peppers were cooking because they smelled amazing. As I pulled out the peppers they made a certain sizzle noise that told my taste buds that they were going to enjoy this. 
I placed four jalapeno peppers with a squirt of delicious ranch (my favorite) onto my plate. I sat down with my husband and cut a nice sized piece and excitedly placed it in my mouth. The flavor was great, the deliciousness of the bacon and the crunch was amazing… but wait… wait for it… here it comes… the SPICINESS HIT MY TASTE BUDS. I had to toss my plate and make a run for the spice cabinet.
I had to grab the sugar and relieve my taste buds of the heat. My husband swore I must have gotten a ‘bad piece’ and that I should try them again. He then told me that I just needed to ‘toughen up’ and get through the spice. I just don’t find it enjoyable to have my poor taste buds burn while I am eating any type of food. Why do people put themselves through this pain? 

SN- I did try another pepper and it was not spicy at all, but the next one I tried was spicy. 

Let me know, do your taste buds enjoy the spiciness of food or do you prefer to keep your food enjoyable like I do?

Written by: Aimee Fauci


  1. I love spicy foods, at least until I bite into them that is! I have tried these jalapenos before and they were a little too hot for me as well. Maybe a little less spicy variety would be better.

  2. LOVE stuffed jalapenos!

  3. This is too cute. I love spicy food. Sometimes I wish my taste buds would get it together too.

  4. I do not care for spicy food wither, but my husband loves it. I cannot rely on his opinion of spicy either. LOL I feel your pain!

  5. Nexlegacy Performance Institute says:

    I’ve never heard of sugar to help with spicy foods as well— I learned something new today. I love spicy food but I’m half Mexican so I guess I’m use to it

    JK but I’m from West Texas– that’s all the same 🙂

    • Nexlegacy Performance Institute says:

      Ok I hate that I keep forgetting to log out of Ken’s account– this is Chene– by the way-lol

  6. I LOVE me some some stuffed jalapenos!! I love spicy to! Get your own peppers -but- this time cut them into strips, throw on your cheese, encase in bacon, bake, nomnomnom. You can adjust the pepper 🙂

  7. Everyone says I am more Mexican than some native born Mexicans (b/c I speak it so well) but when it comes to spicey food… the White Girl comes out!! No spicey for me!

  8. I am a huge fan of spice and my husband isn’t so I tend to dial down the spice level. I’ll have to remember the sugar trick.

  9. Tiffany Cruz says:

    I never heard of using sugar to relieve spice overload, good to know. We had to give our 2-year old some milk with his dinner last night because my husband made the pork a little too “pica” for his liking. My husband is from Guam and loves his food very spicy, me, not so much.

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