Tips on Booing Your Neighbors This Halloween

Thank you, Oriental Trading Company, for providing me some awesome supplies for this post at no cost. All opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

For the past 6 years, my girls have always taken the time to Boo our neighbors and friends. It’s a really fun Halloween tradition that you can read about here. My girls look forward to Boo’ing someone every year and each year we try and get creative with who we are going to Boo and what we are going to surprise them with. This year I decided to let Oriental Trading help me with some ideas but before I share the Boo treats that we made, I want to share some helpful tips on Boo’ing your neighbors this Halloween.

Every year we Boo our neighbors and it is so much fun. Here are some tips on how you can Boo your neighbors and how Oriental Trading can help.

Boo’ing your neighbors is a fun Halloween experience for you and your family. You can Boo as many friends, co-workers, and neighbors as you want. The important part of Boo’ing is keeping it fun.

Helpful Tips on Boo’ing Your Neighbors This Halloween

  • Keep it simple, but fun. You should not stress out or spend a lot of money on Boo’ing someone. 
  • If you are focusing on Boo’ing kids, make sure there are plenty of treats for each child, in addition to age-appropriate treats.
  • Let the parents of the children know you will be Boo’ing them and when. This will let the parents know the candy didn’t come from a stranger and is safe.
  • Create a fun Halloween box to store everything in or buy a cute Halloween container and decorate it. The possibilities are endless. Here is a Boo Box that I created for our neighbors last year.
  • Include something for the grown-ups. Grown-ups like surprises. You can include their very own candy-filled bucket, a seasonal candle, a fun door decoration or anything.

This Halloween my girls and I focused on Boo’ing our neighbors. Before we decided what to make we perused Oriental Trading Company for ideas and products. The family we wanted to Boo has 3 kids, so we wanted to personalize something for each of them. I found little black tins on the OTC website and decided to use my Cricut to personalize each tin with their name. Then I filled it with fun candy. The Day of the Dead suckers were too cute not to get.

As a way to deliver the treats, I found a wooden tray on the OTC website and painted the bottom of the tray with chalkboard paint. Then I used my Cricut to personalize their name with vinyl on it. Once the tray was ready, I placed the treats on the tray, along with a fun and spooky treat I know the kids will love, called the parents to let them know to expect a surprise and left it on their porch.

Boo'ing your neighbors is fun. Make sure to create something cute.

Every year I love to come up with new and creative ways to Boo my neighbors. Thankfully I can rely on Oriental Trading to have the Halloween supplies that I will need to carry on the Boo’ing tradition.

Here is a fun video that shows you everything that I got for BOO’ing my neighbors and what I got for making my Halloween shopping much easier:

Boo'ing your neighbors is a fun Halloween tradition. Read my tips on best ways to BOO your neighbors or friends,

Do you Boo your neighbors during Halloween? What ideas do you have to share?

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Boo'ing your neighbors is fun. Here are some amazing tips on how to BOO your neighbors this Halloween.

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