Tips on Making Cleaning Fun

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I am not sure that anyone really thinks that cleaning is fun, especially my girls, but it’s something that has to be done. As my girls grow I introduce new types of chores and at first, they think the new chores are fun but the chores soon become monotonous and boring. It can be hard to keep my girls interested and motivated to help me clean but it’s important that they learn the importance of working together as a family so I try my best to make cleaning fun.

No one ever said cleaning is fun. Here are some tips that you can do to make it fun for the entire family.

Every month I take inventory of our cleaning supplies to make sure that we have enough so that we don’t run out. Once I determine what I need, I stop at Walmart and pick up everything that is on my list, especially Pine-Sol® which comes in Original, Lemon Fresh, Lavender Clean, or Sparkling Wave scent. I make sure to have Pine-Sol® because it kills 99.9% of germs as directed (Original Scent only), it is also safe on surfaces when directions are followed and it has 4X the cleaning action and can be used on dirt, grime, grease, and to deodorize.

Our cleaning days are on Saturday morning and my kids are less than thrilled to help but I have come up with these Tips on Making Cleaning Fun for all ages.

  1. Put a Price On It– Make a list of each chore and put a price on each individual task that needs to be done.
  2. Draw a Chore– Put all of the chores in a hat and have everyone draw an equal number.
  3. Set a Timer– Set a timer in 5-minute increments. When the timer goes off, trade chores to the person to the right of you so that you get to do something new.
  4. Donate– Talk to your kids about the value and benefits of giving back to others, then have everyone gather in each room and decide what can be donated. Afterward, as a family, decide who the items will be donated to.
  5. Garage Sell– Consider having a garage sale for items that the family no longer needs or uses. Once the garage sale is over donate the remaining items and spend the money earned on something fun for the family.
  6. Get Into Character– Kids and some adults love to talk in funny accents, so why not have everyone create a fun character and role play while they clean?
  7. Reward– Let the kids know that if they clean well that they will receive a reward after everything is clean. Consider taking the entire family out for ice cream, take a trip to the park or go to a movie.
  8. Dance Party– Compile a list of everyone’s favorite songs and turn the music up. Encourage everyone, even you, mom, to dance and sing while you clean. Music and dancing make everything more enjoyable and it’s a great way to make memories as a family.

It is important to teach our kids the value of keeping our home clean, so why not make it fun so that they enjoy the experience and make memories while doing it. Right now you can enter the #MyCleanMoves contest via Instagram and show everyone how you Clean Your Way. This is a fun contest that is easy to enter. Simply go —–> here <—— and enter to win great prizes like cash, Pandora subscriptions or even a Bluetooth speaker bucket. Here is the picture that I will be entering. My girls and I had a good laugh.

How do you make cleaning fun for your family?

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