Toys Every Toddler Should Have

These are the perfect toys that should be in every toddler boy and girl's playroom.

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I have taken care of kids in my home for over 10 years. Over the years, I have mostly taken care of little girls, but I have taken care of quite a few boys as well. I take care of kids that range from newborn to normally 3 years old and know that as kids start to get older and develop, it’s important to make sure that they have certain toys that will grow with them. Some parents may not realize which toys every toddler should have and which toys are not really necessary.

There are classic toys that last forever and can be handed down from generation to generation. Read a compilation of these toys here and there are also toys that are perfect for boys and girls that help with growth and development. In my daycare, my kids play with all of the toys that I provide. They go through stages and often times, the boys will play with “girl toys” and the girls will play with “boy toys”, which is wonderful because each set of toys help with their creative play. Here is a list of toys that every toddler, boys and girls, should have:

  1. Dollhouse– This is the perfect ‘grow with me’ toy. I watch as the kids will play with the dollhouse accessories and family members and then a year later they will act out everyday scenarios with each family member, in addition, to setting up the furniture in the dollhouse.
  2. Cars and Car Tracks– Kids love to hold little cars in their hands and roll them all over the house. When they start mimicking sounds, as they are playing cars, they will start to give the cars a unique sound as they play. As they begin to develop and with some guidance from their caregiver or parent, car tracks are a great way for toddlers to practice building and using their imagination.
  3. Baby Dolls and Accessories– I think that the boys in my daycare play with baby dolls more than the girls. They like to walk around with the babies and pretend to feed them and put them night night. I’ve seen the girls play with them and copy my everyday actions such as changing their diaper, swaddling them, and putting them in the bouncy chair. It’s a great way for kids to play creatively.
  4. Balls– A ball can keep a child busy for hours!
  5. Big Legos– Once again with the help of the child’s caregiver or parent, these are great for teaching kids how to build and stack. In addition, they are perfect because they are big enough that you won’t step on them.

These 5 toys are the most popular toys that my daycare kids play with. Even when I put new toys out for the kids to play with, they still focus on these. These toys are perfect for boys and girls and allow kids to grow with them.


  1. My husband gave our boys his childhood toys his mom had saved and they love them!

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