What to Expect When Potty Training

What to Expect When Potty Training Your Little One

Throughout my years, I have potty trained and assisted in potty training several kids. Some of the kids were my kids and the other kids were ones that I cared for during the day. I have always said that potty training is one of the most challenging tasks that a parent has to teach their little one. There are so many emotions that happen during the potty training process. Some of the emotions are filled with excitement while others are filled with frustration and tears. Since I have had so much experience with potty training little ones, I’d love to share with you What to Expect When Potty Training.

What to Expect When Potty Training

Before you begin the potty training process with your little one you will want to make sure that they have shown signs that they are actually ready. Some signs might include them telling you when they have a soiled diaper, waking up dry after sleeping and having predictable bowel movements. If your little one has shown some of these signs, then the first step to the potty training process is to purchase them Pull-Ups® Training Pants. These have always been my go-to training pants because they not only have fun designs and characters on them that kids love but most importantly they have easy open sides and can easily be slid up and down. Right now you can purchase Pull-Ups® Training Pants from Dollar General and use a $2 digital coupon by visiting the Dollar General website or by texting JOIN to 34898.

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Potty training can be challenging so as a parent or caregiver you want to make sure that you know what to expect when potty training.

  • Kids Will Resist– Throughout the stages of potty training, you may see that your child has moments of resistance. This is normal and my biggest piece of advice is to continue and not give up.
  • Too Early– You may think that your child is ready to be potty trained but then realize after many failed attempts that they are not quite ready. Just because we think our kids are ready does not mean that they are and this is okay.
  • Fear of the Potty– Some little ones are scared of the big potty and this is normal. The best thing you can do is to buy a potty seat cover and keep encouraging them to use the big potty.
  • Hide and Seek– When your little one needs to poop, they may find a special room or a corner and hide from the potty. This is when you should try and begin to keep a mental note of when your little one normally has bowel movements and then keep your eyes on them.
  • Last Minute Accidents– Sometimes little ones cannot determine just how badly they have to go, so they might find themselves having accidents as they are making the attempt to use the potty like they were taught. One way to help prevent this is by having them go every hour until they get used to the potty training process. If you are at home, another tip is to let them run around in their Pull-Ups® Training Pants because they are easy to slide down when you have to go fast.

One of the most important things that you need to remember is that every child is different and that no two kids will potty train the same. As a mom of 3 little girls, each one had their own potty training personality. Potty training takes time and a lot of patience and it’s important to remember that they will eventually get the hang of it.

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Make sure to take a look at these tips and tricks from Pull-Ups that may help you. What potty training tips can you share?

Potty training is never fun but if you focus on consistency and patience, anything is possible. Here are some helpful tips to get you through the potty training stage.

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