What to Pack in Your Cruise Shore Excursion Bag

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Cruises are always amazing vacations to go on. They provide a ton of relaxing moments, entertainment, food, and adventures. You get to experience activities you’ve never done before ad create memories that will last a lifetime. 

After each cruise that I have been on I am always ready to go back on another one. That is how fun they are but in order to have a successful and memorable cruise vacation you have to pack smart and plan.  

If you plan on leaving the ship on port days, which is when the ship pulls into designated areas that allow cruisers to get off of the ship to explore and peruse, you will want to make sure that you have properly packed your excursion bag. 

If you do not pack your cruise shore excursion bag with the necessary items then you could find yourself at a huge inconvenience.  

What to Pack in Your Cruise Shore Excursion Bag

  • Passport– A lot of cruisers say that you need to bring your passport with you on a cruise while others say that you do not. This cruiser thinks that you should always bring your Passport with you when you go on a cruise. If you are in another country and you become ill or if you need to fly back home due to an emergency, you need your passport to travel by air. With that said, when you are on an excursion find a safe place in your backpack and include your passport just in case there is an emergency. 
  • Water Bottle– You should always have a bottle of trusted water. 
  • Lip Balm– This is actually something you should carry everywhere that you go. 
  • Sanitizing Wipes– With so many people around you and since you will be in unfamiliar territories you will want something to clean your hands with until you can have access to soap and water. 
  • Mini Medicine Bag– Pain reliever, Immodium, and band-aids are just a few items that you will want to include in your mini medicine bag. You may also want to include any daily prescriptions you have because cruisers have been known to miss the boat once the return time has arrived. 
  • Snacks– When you visit places you have never been it is always a good idea to pack a few snacks. I always grab a few freshly baked cookies from the buffet, wrap them in a napkin and add them to the excursion bag. They have never gone to waste. 
  • Cash – Carry small bills. When you are shopping there is a lot of bartering. It is better to barter when you are carrying small bills so change is not needed. 
  • Cruise Itinerary– This is important so that you are familiar with when it is time to go back to the ship. You do not want to be late because the ship will not wait for you. 
  • Cordless Charger– You want to keep your phone charged. 

Here is what you need to pack in your cruise excursion bag

You will want to pack smart when you go on an excursion. You will most likely be in unfamiliar territories and want to be prepared for the unexpected. 


  1. Thanks for the list. It really came in handy as I’m going on my first cruise with my family this summer. I’m actually not a cruise kind of guy. I’m affraid I might get bored being stock on a board. My main mission is experiencing the scale. I’ve always been impressed with the size of these cruise ships and I’m looking forward to just being there feeling tiny 🙂

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