What to Skip at Walt Disney World

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I’ve been to Walt Disney World 5 times and have loved every single visit.

The magic of Disney is something you will never forget and will hold onto forever! After each trip to Disney, I make a mental note of what our family can live without doing during our next visit.

I have to admit that Walt Disney World is amazing and I hate to miss any part of it but when you are on a tight schedule there are some Disney attractions that can be skipped.

What to Skip at Walt Disney World (updated 7/6/19):

  • Country Bear Jamboree- Located in the Magic Kingdom
  • Frontierland Shootin’ ArcadeLocated in the Magic Kingdom
  • Jungle CruiseLocated in the Magic Kingdom
  • Stitch’s Great EscapeLocated in the Magic Kingdom (now closed)
  • Swiss Family Treehouse Located in the Magic Kingdom
  • Advanced Training LabLocated in Epcot
  • Captain EOLocated in Epcot (now closed)
  • The Circle of LifeLocated in Epcot
  • The Haunted Mansion– Located in the Magic Kingdom
  • Mad Tea Party– Located in the Magic Kingdom 
  • Tiki Room– Located in the Magic Kingdom 
  • Tomorrowland People Mover– Located in the Magic Kingdom 

This is just a small list of items worth skipping in order to save time at the parks. If you have extra time while you are at Disney, then you should visit these attractions so you can experience them for yourself. Did you notice that I didn’t add anything to skip at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disney’s the Animal Kingdom?  Is there anything that you can add to what to skip at Walt Disney World?

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I have to admit that Walt Disney World is amazing and I hate to miss any part of it but when you are on a tight schedule there are some Disney attractions that can be skipped.

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Disney World has a lot to do so it's important that you know what to skip if you need to save time.


  1. Christine Sepkowski says

    The Country Bear Jamboree is a classic! This will be my 6th time to Disney World, and I wouldn’t miss it. Keep in mind that although Disney World is ever changing, it also hosts the sentimentality of previous vacations. Personally, Each exhibit is unique for each traveler; respectfully, what your family skips can be the highlight of another’s vacation.

  2. Disneyfamily101 says

    You see while I appreciate that you would like to skip some of these things. I have been to Disney 26 times and love to do the little things and for first time visitors they shouldn’t skip anything. Instead they should try to get the whole feel. Disney is amazing and being a kid myslef (13) I still enjoy everything my mom and dad do but also what my younger sisters do. So I don’t recommend skipping anything

  3. I might suggest an alternative way to look at some of these “skip” lists because not everyone will love them but you might surprised by a ride if you try it. My family enjoys the cheesy, classic Disney rides but we wouldn’t spend more than 10 minutes waiting for them! Instead of writing these attractions off, my family uses them as our sit down and take a break rides. Most of these rarely have long lines and are perfect for resting in the afternoon when all of the other attractions have 30+ minute waits. My favorites for beating the heat in Magic Kingdom: Carousel of Progress, People Mover, Monster’s Inc. Laugh Floor, Country Bear Jamboree, Stitch’s Great Escape, Jungle Cruise, Hall of Presidents. This strategy works well in the other parks too!

  4. Rose Winter says

    I would never skip the Jungle Cruise. I can see how it might get old after awhile, but for first time goers to Disney I would suggest going on the cruise. Maybe just to take a break and sit down. Also, this ride usually has short lines. I made a mistake not going on this ride my first three trips to Disney. Don’t make the same one!

  5. I agree with some of these but definitely not the Country bear jamboree. My family LOVES it.

  6. My opinion: Don’t skip a ride unless you’ve been on it and really didn’t enjoy it. I’ve read in many of the comments people being grateful for your list because they’ve never been to Disney………How do you know you won’t like something if you’ve never tried it? Don’t just skip a ride because somebody else says it’s not worth your time!

  7. I don’t think I will ever do the Stitch ride again. Once was enough for me. I have only been twice and it is hard to fit everything in one or two visits. I can’t wait to go back. There are new things I am so excited to see.

  8. I love the Country Bear Jamboree! I can’t wait to take my kids next month! 🙂

  9. Jungle Cruise?!?!? Wrong!!!! That is a must do, and a classic! Just get a fast pass, or go at night after the line dies down.

  10. I’ve been to Disney over 30 times. Would NEVER skip the Country Bear Jamboree. It’s an original ride and in the summer can’t be beat as a place to sit and cool for a few minutes. Little Kids love it especially if you clap along and sing when the words pop up

  11. I would not skip any of these. They are all enjoyable and entertaining

  12. We don’t usually skip Jungle Cruise. Depends on the crowds. Younger kids love it and it’s a nice opportunity to get off your feet and be entertained (usually) by the riverboat guide. Small World? Must. Not. Think. Of. Song. Oh no, here it comes!

    After our counterclockwise trek through the World Showcase at EPCOT, the Circle of Life is a welcome break, and mildly entertaining if you like that sort of thing. Which we do.

    We were season ticket holders for 15+ years while living in Orlando. I’m very sad to hear that Pirates of the
    Caribbean has declined. It was another cool (AC), relaxing ride that our family loved.

  13. Jungle cruise?! One of my faves as a child especially when it’s getting dark.

  14. We were there when ous son was 3. Planning our next trip when he will be 30. We will be skipping a lot of the rides we did back then but will definitely be doing jungle cruise and the Bears as it just brings back to many memories of him as a youngster and us as young parents. He will probably be bored to tears but we will enjoy it just the same!

  15. Jungle Cruise is one of my favorite rides there! Never skip it! The boat drivers are hilarious! ?

  16. Country bears are one of our favs! Wonderful memories of my kids enjoying as they grew up. Little kids do like it and it’s a nice place to take a rest.

  17. I would NEVER skip the Jungle Cruise! It turned out to be one of my favourites. The rest I can understand if you’re a repeat visitor, but everything at Disney is worth it at least once.

    I hated the chili dog bit of the Sitich ride too, I personally think there should have been a warning since I was pregnant with hyperemesis. It was a close one!

  18. You missed the Elen and Bill Nye energy ride at epcot. Seriously a huge waste of time. We thought it would be fun and educational because it was Bill Nye and Ellen!! but it was neither. Could not get me out of that seat fast enough.

  19. Ok. I can get behind skipping Stich 100% but jungle cruise?!?! Maybe I am just a die hard Disney fan, but JC while not thrilling and kind of cheesy is one of the classic rides at Disney. If you love Disney or care for Disney history it should not be missed!
    I did go on stitch while in our honeymoon and call me crazy but I didn’t love having chili cheese dog burped in my face. I have never loved stitch since. That “ride” sucks.

  20. A lot of people are missing the original point! The list is meant as a guide for certain items that should be seen only if time permits. See all the top notch venues first, and then check the other ones out if time permits. This is a very good way to approach your visit. Don’t try and see everything in front of you, have a plan and stick to it.

    As a side note, our favorite place to stay is the Beach Club Resort! Just a short walk to the entrance of Epcot!

  21. Mom2chelseandjack says

    Country Bear Jamboree was my grandfather’s favorite, so we go everyone in memory of him, and my kids love it. Jungle Cruise is also a favorite here. Stitch’s Great Escape can go away… the tree house is nice, but once you’ve seen it.. meh…. Advanced Training Lab, and Figment are two favorites, Captain EO is gone, and Circle of Life although boring is good to kill time if you’re already in the building waiting on an FP or dinner reservation. Everyone is different in what they like and don’t … if you’ve never been, try to fit as much as you can and decide on your own.

  22. I agree and disagree with some of your choices. Everyone has different opinions and it may depend on who you go with. Personally I would skip Stitch, the a Treehouse but not the Jungle Cruise. I feel everything should be experienced at least once! You never know what you and your family will like. We do the Tiki birds every time only because it was the first thing I ever went to at MK, so it brings back those first magical moments!

  23. What about skipping “It’s a Small World”………… she says, speaking as one who got stuck on the ride for a VERY LONG TIME…!

  24. My 6 year old boy really loved swiss family tree house. It really got his imagination going.

  25. Country Bear Jamboree is one of those icon attractions as well as Swiss Family Tree House. You can keep Stich.

  26. Jungle Cruise is a staple E Ticket level attraction that everyone should experience. Not only is it an opening attraction but it has spawned some of the most amazing talent in Disney (John Lasseter was a skipper on the Jungle Cruise as a teen). And now that it has an accompanying table service restaurant it should be on everyone’s list

  27. We were there in October and disappointed with the Pirates of the Caribbean. It was much nicer before the recent refurbishment. It is now on our skip list.

  28. This is good to know and I will be writing down this. When we visit I will put these to the last of our list. Thanks!!

  29. I agree with the whole list! I’d also skip the Liberty Square Riverboat – it’s just boring. If you need a rest, then go for it. Also Tom Sawyer Island – it’s just a play ground. Again ok if you need a rest but otherwise just a waste of park time (IMO). At Hollywood Studios – I’d skip the Great Movie Ride. I know some people love it but it’s just a nothing ride to me. And at AK – skip conservation station Because, again, boring and a time suck. All of this is my opinion, I know some love these things. Oh and I skip EPCOT altogether. Except now that Baymax is meeting there, I may have to at least step foot in the park.

    • aimeefauci@gmail.com says

      Tom Sawyer Island used to be a good resting spot because they served cold fried chicken. I don’t think they do that anymore.

  30. I totally agree with everything on this list, plus I would add:
    *enchanted tiki room
    *the hall of presidents
    *astro orbiter
    *all the little kid rides unless you have little ones
    *journey into imagination with figment
    *disney jr-live on stage (unless you have little kids)
    *its tough to be a bug

  31. We LOVE the Jungle Cruise! It’s a classic, don’t skip it!

  32. This idea makes me sad. Just because one family did not enjoy certain attractions does not mean that all will agree. I hope that people will not be swayed and will choose for themselves/their own families. Coming from a person who has been more than a dozen times and cannot wait to go back, I can understand that you have to prioritize your visit because no one can see it all. But please don’t strike anything from a newbie’s list – let them decide. 🙂

  33. Janice Butler says

    Our family has traveled to Disney World at least once a year, often three times a year, for the last fourteen years. I disagree that you should skip most on this list, but agree with a couple. The Shooting Arcade is a great place to kill time while waiting for a parade. Jungle Cruise is a lot better at night, Country Bear Jamboree is a great place to get out of a rain storm. We love the tree house, but are not fans of Stitch’s Great Escape, but will do it if we have nothing else to do. We have never done Captain EO as we are not MJ fans and Honey I Shrunk the Audience in our opinion was probably better. I agree that you should skip the Circle of Life, did that the very first time we visited and have not been back. The Advanced Training Lab is great for rainy days/rain storms. You should experience everything at least once and decide for yourself!

  34. Love Disney, hate the wait! Thanks for these tips, I’m going to have to get on it. It’s time for another visit, we had so much fun the last time.

  35. Since we’ve never been to Disney, I can’t imagine skipping anything!

  36. I agree with 75% of this post!
    We find the Country Bear jamboree hysterical!
    And the Jungle Cruise, while not great, provides a rest for us.
    EO is also a place to rest, my hubby is a huge MJ fan, so we have to go, corny as that show is.
    Stitch needs to be replaced!

  37. I’ve been to WDW several times. We love it. I personally think that everyone has to find out what is worth going on for themselves, some of those attractions are some of my earliest memories at Disney.

  38. Thanks for sharing! We’ve never done a trip to Disney with the kids, but I’d like to eventually and I know there’s just no way we can see everything. while we’re there. But Captain EO has Michael Jackson in it, so, nope, won’t be skipping that one….lol.

  39. Good to know! Time at Disney is precious, so it’s good to know what to skip so you can get the most out of a visit! Thanks!

  40. Family of 5 here. Plus we often went with friends. What ended up working best for us was making a list of the rides that we absolutely HAD to go on to feel like we’d had a really great time.. These typically all were the roller coaster rides for us. If there was time for anything else , we rode/saw those on the way to the next one. A couple on your list were on our secondary list of “if there is time”. The Disney folks make even the worst parts at least “good” in our humble opinion. Have been absolutely craving another trip there. 😉

  41. Thanks for these great tips. I have never been to Disney but if I do I will keep these tips in mind. Hopefully one day soon we will be able to go.

  42. I have often seen post on things you just have to do at Disney so this was really helpful. I often wonder how people fit everything in and how do you know what is okay to skip. I mean, you’re at Disney and you don’t want to miss anything amazing, right? This would definitely help!

  43. I agree, all but one, I love that stupid Treehouse! I could sit up there all day 🙂 Thanka for the good read!

    With a smile from Tampa Fl 🙂 Carlyn

  44. I really need to explore Epcot more. I go to the other three parks and skip that one entirely too much.

  45. I can’t stand Stitch’s Great Escape. The Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse–well…I’ve always loved treehouses, so it’s probably no surprise that on my one trip to Disney, I did it twice. 🙂 I’m also a fan of the Jungle Cruise but it is pretty time consuming, so I can definitely understand skipping it. There’s so much awesome to do!

  46. We love Disney World so much & I honestly admire every part of it as we have spent so much time with family. But I agree, these skip list could help when you have only a short time for the visit.

  47. I haven’t been to Disney World in years…why would you skip these things? WHat about them is skippable?

    Coming Up Roses

  48. I could not agree with this list more! Great list my dear.

  49. My 18 year old daughter and her friend LOVED Stich’s Great Escape. It was one of their favorite attractions.

    • Jennifer says

      I’ve never been on it (had to wait with my son because he wasn’t tall enough) but my daughter went on it 5 years ago when she was 5 years old and she LOVED it! It was her favorite of the trip. lol. We are going to WDW in September and I can’t wait for all three of us to go on and check it out!

  50. I would just have to budget enough time next time we go so that I don’t have to skip anything.

  51. I maybe the only person on the planet who has not been to Disney world or a Disneyland for that matter. I wouldn’t want to skip out on anything.

  52. I always skip these attractions whenever we go to Disney. We’ve seen them and thought that once is enough.

  53. Ann Bacciaglia says

    I have not been to Disney since i was a little kid. I am hoping to get there in the next year or two. I will have to remember these suggestions.

  54. Jungle Cruise was never my favorite ride at Disneyland. It was cute to see it all decked out for the holidays, but still skip worthy 😛

  55. We always skip the Swiss Tree House too. I think I would also skip the river cruise and the Tom Sawyer islands

  56. We actually like the jungle cruise. It gives you a nice long break.

  57. I agree with most of your choices. The one’s I would skip are the haunted house and Mickey’s Philharmonic.

  58. Great advice for someone that hasn’t gone since I was a child! Hoping to take my girls next year for my oldest daughter’s 5th birthday. I have never been to Animal Kingdom and they absolutely love Lion King so I guess that’s a must see!

  59. I’ve definitely skipped some of these a few times. Usually it’s just certain rides like the tea cups. I hate getting dizzy!

  60. I would skip the Tiki Room in favor of the Jungle Cruise, we skip The Hall of Presidents if we’re pressed for time, and Stitch’s Great Escape is a great place to wait out your fast passes for Space Mt. or Buzz Lightyear! I’ve been to WDW almost 100x and it’s always a fun experience!

  61. This is good to know. We have not yet been to Disney. Thanks for the tips.

  62. I completely agree about the Swiss Family Treehouse. I can remember doing it one time as a kid and being absolutely miserable. It was hot, kids were pushing, there were lines….no fun. It is one of the those things I have always said, “When I have kids, they won’t do the Swiss Family Treehouse.” Here’s hoping I keep my word! Great list!

    • aimeefauci@gmail.com says

      You are spot on!!! My kids and I did it years ago and I swore I’d never do it with my new set of kids.. Hot, slow people and having to drag those kids up to that tree house.. No thanks.

    • ARCNurse says

      Sad to hear this. The Swiss Family Treehouse was my favorite place to look at when I was a kid starting back in the 70’s. As an adult I do not find it as fascinating but my kids all have during the years so I continue to climb those stairs. My youngest is now 11 so this will probably be the last year I have to climb but then who knows- grandkids will come along someday. My only suggestion for the Tree House is to go when its cooler (like first thing in the morning) and when there aren’t a lot of other people around who may try to “push” you to climb and move quickly. That may be what turned you off to the experience..

  63. Great to know! I haven’t ever been to Disney yet, but I’m planning on it so this will be great to know when that time comes!

  64. Interesting list. What made you choose these particular venues? I’d be interested to learn your reasoning.

    • aimeefauci@gmail.com says

      Basically we’ve been to each one of these once and then looked at each other and agreed as a family what a waste of time they were. It is good to do everything at least once but if you are running short on time. .these are worth skipping.

  65. Oh, some of these are my faves! The tree house?! You’re right, though, they all take a lot of time.

  66. I have heard so many mixed reviews about Stitch’s Great Escape! I don’t know if I would wind up skipping it or not! I’m sure it depends on how crowded it was.

  67. What an interesting post that I had to read! We loooove Disney and you are spot on…we haven’t seen any of those attractions. We didn’t care too much for Hollywood Studios and maybe it’s just the age of our kids being so young, we love Magic Kingdom. We did love the Beauty and Beast show in Hollywood tho! Thanks for sharing!

  68. I personally feel like you can skip everything at Animal Kingdom except Mount Everest and the Lion King show.
    My kids loved Stitch’s Great Escape and would not be happy if we skipped it ?

    • aimeefauci@gmail.com says

      What about The Lion King show!!!! You can’t skip that at Animal Kingdom.

    • WHAT? You’re missing some of the best stuff at WDW here! The Safari is one of the top rated rides in all of WDW. And the animal trails and walking paths are gorgeous.

    • I also wouldn’t skip Kilimanjaro Safari at Animal Kingdom.

    • What about Safari, Khali River Rapids, Dinosaur? Those are must-do’s!

    • Animal Kingdom is my favorite park! If you’re skipping everything you are severely missing out!!! The safari is breath taking where else can you get thst close to animals???

  69. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    Stitch’s Great Escape is one of our favorites. I would never recommend skipping it.

    • I would have to agree with you I am planning our trip right now for April and my 7 year old just keeps asking about making sure that that’s on our agenda to visit. He loves this to tried it is silly and as an adult I can see why you might want to skip it but for kids they love it

  70. This really is the most magical place on earth. I can’t wait to go with my own family.

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