Why Kids Hate Walt Disney World

A lot of parents have a desire and a dream to take their kids to Disney. They save money, vacation hours, and determine the best age that their kids should be before surprising them with a family vacation to Walt Disney World. 

Parents want to see the magic of Disney through their child’s eyes.

They also want to relive their childhood through their kids along with sharing their childhood experiences with them. Little do they know that most kids hate Walt Disney World and for some very good reasons. 

Parents dream about taking their kids to Walt Disney World. Sadly, kids don't always love it and here is why.

Schedule– If you have ever visited Walt Disney World you know that in order for your family to have a successful vacation you have to pre-plan every moment of your day. Unfortunately, kids do not understand the reasoning behind a schedule and definitely do not always appreciate it. With all of the sites, sounds and amazing wonders that Disney has to offer, kids want to do everything “now”. They don’t want to walk past their favorite ride that is scheduled with a Fast Pass for later in the afternoon just to go to a scheduled character dining lunch with Mickey. Kids think and live for the moment, which is something that you cannot do at Disney. 

Waiting– If you spend 10 hours at Walt Disney World, more than likely, 6 of those 10 hours will consist of waiting. No one likes to wait in long lines for their favorite rides, to meet their favorite characters or for a parade to start. Unfortunately, waiting is part of the process of getting to enjoy the fun and the magic that Walt Disney World has to offer and understandably, kids do not understand this. 

Stressed Out Parents– Everything about Walt Disney World is stressful for parents. From scheduling each hour to the ridiculous cost to trying to make everyone think that Disney is really the most magical place on Earth. Kids know when their parents are frustrated or under stress, so with that said, they know that since their parents are on ‘edge’ every move they make has to be a careful one. 

NO!– Disney is great at marketing their products throughout the entire park and kids are great at wanting everything that they don’t need. Parents are also really good at saying “NO!” and kids really hate that. 

No Time for Rest– Walt Disney World is not like any other vacation you’ll ever take. There is very little, if any at all, time to relax or rest. If you have planned your Disney vacation right, you know that everything is on a very tight schedule and the only scheduled rest is while you are sleeping or eating. Sometimes kids just want to play by the pool or hang out in the hotel room. All of the walking, schedules and have to’s can make a magical vacation not very magical, especially for a kid.  

If you are lucky enough to take your kids to Walt Disney World, it’s important that you try and remember that they are kids.

Even though the Walt Disney parks are expensive, take a lot of planning, and are huge, you will want to allow your kids to take breaks, enjoy every moment, not rush and be kids.

If you make positive memories then your kids may not end up hating Walt Disney World. If you plan on traveling to Walt Disney World, take a look at these Disney posts. 

Parents dream about taking their kids to Walt Disney World but sadly it is not always as magical as they hope. Here are some reasons why kids hate Walt Disney World. #Disney

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