Why My Daughter Made the Switch

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For years my husband smoked cigarettes and our entire family hated it! We begged him to quit, the kids wrote him ‘please quit’ notes, the kids hid his cigarettes and even went as far as coloring the cigarette’s tip so it wouldn’t burn. After 14 years of begging their dad to quit smoking, he finally quit for our oldest daughter’s birthday. It was the best gift ever, for all of us. Sadly, a few year’s later, our daughter started smoking. When you discover that your daughter is now a cigarette smoker it crushes you and you ask yourself why. Why did she start smoking cigarettes after she saw the struggle that her dad went through to quit and why did she start after she begged him to stop? So many questions with no real answers, but a few years later our daughter had a child and started a family of her own. As most parents know, once you become a parent, your way of thinking changes and you immediately begin to reevaluate your lifestyle and way of thinking. So with that said, after careful research, our daughter decided to make the switch.

Why My Daughter Made the Switch

Here are just a few reasons why my daughter made the switch to blu PLUS+ e-Cigs:

  • Cost effective
  • Less mess, no ashes
  • Flavor options
  • Smokeless
  • Convenience
  • 1-Year Warranty of their products
  • Are available at retailers nationwide
  • Ability to order products online and all orders include free shipping
  • No cotton filler which in turn allows more vapor, flavor, juice and a longer life from the product
  • Sleek look

Vivid Vanilla

 When my daughter decided to make the switch to blu PLUS+ she first ordered the Xpress Kit bundle that included a free pack of tanks. It was a $30 value for only $14.99 and is only available while supplies last. She was very happy with that deal.

blu Plus XPress Kit

The blu PLUS+ e-Cigs website is so simple to use, has special online only discounts and like I said before, all orders include free shipping. In addition, the blu PLUS+ e-Cigs website includes many products with different nicotine strengths and flavors that can only be found online. If you have any questions you can also chat live with a customer service representative and they will help you with whatever you need.

Order Onlin

Another great thing about blu PLUS+ is that it has a rewards program, blu Nation Rewards, which allows you to earn free stuff just by purchasing blu products or by being active on their site by watching videos and so much more.

blu plus tanks

From everything my daughter has told me, she is happy that she made the switch. Have you tried blu PLUS+ e-Cigs? Are you considering making the switch from cigarettes to e-Cigs or know anyone that is?


  1. That’s awesome that your daughter made the switch! I’ve heard a lot about blu lately, and I especially love that e-cigarettes are smokeless. Thanks for sharing! #client

  2. My dad was a chain smoker once I I know how worst addiction it is & it has been a huge challenge for him to get out of it. Blu Plus sounds like a great option for people who would love to switch sometime soon.

  3. Glad your daughter made the switch. You are right having children changes you, my hisband quit smoking after our oldest daughter was born.

  4. This is great! I know several people who have made the switch. I encourage anyone who smokes to try it.

  5. I quit smoking in 2009 and it was the best choice I could have ever made for myself and my family. I’m glad the alternative is working for her.

  6. Ann Bacciaglia says

    I have a few family member that still smoke. I will have to share this with them and see if they will make the switch.

  7. Paula Schuck says

    I have heard of a lot of people switching to E Cigs. This looks like a great brand. It is a great way to quit smoking.

  8. I am happy for your daughter. It is not an easy move to quit smoking but she did, and opted for a safer alternative. Thanks for sharing!

  9. My husband used to smoke and e cig is what helped him quit. Blu sounds like a great brand.

  10. I have never smoked and my husband of 38 years hasn’t either…so we are fortunate. However I have a brother and brother-in-law that have both used electric cigarettes to stop and they found them very helpful.

  11. I quit smoking in 2007 and they didn’t have these options back then. It would have made the transition much, much easier.

  12. Smoking is really disgusting. I broke up with a guy once because he wouldn’t stop smoking. especially since he hid the fact that he did from me when we first met. No kissing here dude. I wanted him no where near my kids when I found out! I honestly think the e-cigs are just as bad.

  13. You are right smoking is a filthy bad habbit. I am glad your daughter decided to change her mind and become a great example for her children’s sakes. I am sorry you guys struggled with your husbands smoking. My husband smoked too for a while but he stopped the moment the doctor told him he has a colpased lung. Guess there are reason for everything to happen. Good and bad.
    I’m not looking to try the e cigerates I have few friends who have sworn by them. It all depends on the person’s perspective.

  14. It’s so hard to quit. Luckily I was able to cold turkey, but not everyone is as lucky.

  15. I am so thankful my daughter never picked up smoking. It’s a tough addiction to kick. I know I did it over 33 years ago.

  16. Glad that she switch! Thanks for the useful post, I have to check it out for my brother that smokes 😀

  17. I’m glad she’s happier with this alternative! That free shipping will be great for all the future orders.

  18. My son in law’s dad used to be a heavy smoker. He switched over to the e cig and it’s much less smelly to be around him now.

  19. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    I will be devastated if either of my kids starts smoking. I work hard to make sure they know how disgusting it is so they will never want to do it.

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