Why You Should Go To Walt Disney World Without Your Kids

During each of our trips to Disney, we went as a family. For the most part, it was always an amazing trip. We loved seeing our kids experience the magic of Disney especially when they met their favorite Disney character or Disney princess. 

As a mom, I took almost one million pictures of the sweet moments that my kids shared with Mickey and even purchased the Memory Maker, which you can read about here. I wanted to capture every single moment that my kids had at Walt Disney World because let’s be honest, I am their mom and every moment from the biggest to smallest make my heart pitter-patter.

However, with all of this said, I came to the realization that it was time for a change.

Every family vacation to Walt Disney World was planned around my kids. Being a mom, that is what I have naturally done all of my life. I plan our family vacations around our kids. I make sure that there is kid-friendly entertainment, kid-friendly food options along with budget-friendly hotels that oftentimes include a free continental breakfast since our family is so large.

I decided that after 5 plus trips to Walt Disney World it was time for my husband and me to leave our kids at home and go to Disney without them for a variety of different but common sense reasons. 

Why You Should Go To Walt Disney World Without Your Kids

  • It’s Cheaper: There is nothing ‘cheap’ about Disney. Disney is getting more expensive by the minute but if you do not take your kids with you to Walt Disney World then it will definitely be less expensive and will not hurt your bank account as bad. 
  • Dining: If you eat at Disney restaurants then you know that you have to make dining reservations up to 6 months in advance. If you have ever had to make reservations for a party of more than 4 then you know that it can be difficult to reserve seating because there are times that none are available. When this happens you have to continue to check daily, sometimes even hourly or reserve more than one table. If you are reserving a table for 2, then there is never a problem. 
  • Only 1 Kind of Whine: If you decide to go to Walt Disney World without your kids, you’ll be able to enjoy a cold refreshing glass of wine and not the whine you get with kids. Am I right?
  • Festivals: There are a few festivals at Disney that you may not want to bring your kids to, such as the Food and Wine Festival at Epcot. These festivals are an additional fee and most kids won’t even enjoy them, so keep them home. 
  • It’s Your Schedule: Kids are great but they require a lot! From multiple bathroom trips, to never being hungry when they should be and always being hungry when they shouldn’t be, you can avoid or minimize these annoying interruptions if you do not take your kids to Disney. 
  • Skip Certain Rides: When I have been to Disney with my kids there are certain rides that each child insists on riding. As someone that used to be a child, I can understand this so I always allowed time to let them ride their favorite rides. Thankfully, however, when you go to Disney without your kids, you can skip these rides and not feel any guilt. 
  • Nightlife: There is so much nightlife at Disney that you cannot experience if you bring kids. Even though you are a parent, you are still an adult and should have some fun. 
  • Less Responsibility: If you travel to Disney without your kids, you have fewer people to keep up with, fewer sticky hands to hold, fewer people to pick up after and fewer heads to count. You are actually able to focus on you and your partner. 

I know that some parents may think that it sounds cruel and heartless to go to Walt Disney World without your kids, but it isn’t.

There is a lot for adults to enjoy at Walt Disney World but in order to fully enjoy the adult experiences at Walt Disney World, you should leave your kids at home with a loved one at least once. 

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There are a lot of reasons why parents should consider going to Walt Disney World without their kids at least one time.

**Photo Credit … Adam and Claudia Photography**

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