5 Resolutions I Will Make but Not Keep

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At the start of each year most people make New Year’s resolutions that pertain to dieting, exercising, financial goals, and a lot more. When I was younger I would make New Year’s resolutions but would forget what they were by a few weeks into the new year. Now I have started to make daily goals instead of resolutions since daily goals seem easier to achieve, but if I was to continue to make resolutions I thought that it would be fun to come up with 5 resolutions I will make but not keep.

Resolutions I Will Make but Not Keep

Keeping resolutions can be hard and that is why I rarely make them. In the past, I would always come up with resolutions that I knew I would not keep for one reason or the other. This year, for shiggles and giggles, I came up with 5 resolutions I will make but not keep.

  • Exercise: When I make the ‘I am going to exercise more’ resolution, I normally start out really good but then something happens that causes me to skip a day and then two days and then three days and then .. you get the point.
  • Stop Drinking Soda: While I have gone without Dr. Pepper for 6 + months, I can’t stop drinking soda 100%. I know it’s not good for you, but neither are eggs every other month.
  • Eat Healthy: I strive to eat healthier everyday but I can only eat so many salads and cups of yogurt before I grab a bowl of ice cream, piece of cake, or bag of cookies.
  • Stop Cursing: I try, I really really try but to be honest, I have 3 little girls in my home and a husband and the stress level can get overwhelming that saying one of the top curse words feels so good and allows my stress level to balance out.
  • Spend Smart: This is a resolution I normally keep for around 1-2 months after Christmas and it is really easy because to be honest, I need a break from big box stores after Christmas is over, but after watching my pennies for 2 months, I get the itch to shop and then before I know it, someone has a birthday and then back to school shopping and then Christmas rolls around again. I feel like it is impossible to spend smart, especially when you like stuff.

Do you make New Year’s resolutions? What are some resolutions that you make but know that you won’t keep?

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  2. Funny post! It’s always good to have humor about these things. Thanks for sharing!

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