What to Pack in Your Cruise Shore Excursion Bag

This post contains affiliate links. See the full disclosure here.  Cruises are always amazing vacations to go on. They provide a ton of relaxing moments, entertainment, food, and adventures. You get to experience activities you've never done before ad create memories that will last a lifetime.  After each cruise that I have been on I am always ready to go back on another one. That is how fun they are but in order to have a successful and memorable cruise vacation you have to … [Read more...]

How to Spruce Up Your Home While On A Budget

This post contains affiliate links. See full disclosure here. I recently independently relocated from the home I have been in for over 9 years. When I moved I didn't take a lot of items with me. One reason I did not take many items was that my house was much smaller than the house I moved from.  Before I moved I knew that I would be on a budget and that I would have to plan smart when it came to furnishing and decorating my home. Even though I knew it would take time, effort and … [Read more...]

Tips On Teaching Your Teen to Drive

This post contains affiliate links. Please see the full disclosure here.  If you are a parent that has experienced teaching your teenager how to drive, then you know how unbelievably stressful it can be. As a parent of two daughters that have reached the driving age, I will not deny that attempting to teach my teens to drive has been one of the most stressful parts of parenthood.  In an effort to save money and since there are not any convenient driving schools near us I opted … [Read more...]

Simple Tips for Moving in Texas

This is a paid sponsorship. All opinions are my own. Moving. It’s definitely on the list of “most stressful life events,” right along with getting married, getting divorced, having a baby, and losing someone in your family. Trust me - it’s not for the faint of heart if you don’t have a plan. But, with some simple tips for moving to Texas, you can make the process much easier, a ton less stressful, and maybe even a little fun! Here are some simple tips for moving to Texas: Make a list of … [Read more...]

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