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This week I am featuring some of my kids favorite Little Tikes toys. The great thing that I love about the Little Tikes brand is that they are classic toys that seem to last forever from generation to generation.



I have been raising kids for over 20 years so I know a good quality toy and Little Tikes is a good quality toy. One great thing about Little Tikes toys is that they offer toys for so many age levels and most toys are unisex toys.  Here are a few of my top Little Tikes toy selections that  my kids have loved playing with over the years.

  • Little Tikes Cozy Coupe: This is one of our all time favorite Little Tikes toys. In our home we have owned at least 3 throughout the years since we have so many kids and since I run a home daycare. When it is outside play time this is the first toy that the kids run for. They go on so many adventures while driving the Cozy Coupe and since Little Tikes toys are so durable they are able to handle rough terrain while they are driving it. My only suggestion for this toy is to park it in the shade or the garage so that the car does not fade with the sun.
  • Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Set: We had this toy when my now adult kids were little. This is a great toy that helps with kid’s motor skills and allows a lot of fun. In addition, the toy adjusts to three different height levels.
  • Little Tikes Easy Store Large Picnic Table with Umbrella: This is a great table for so many reasons. It can be used for eating, snack time and art time and is easy for little kids to get in and out of their seat. In addition it can be used inside or outside, just make sure to store it out of the sun so it does not fade. The best thing about this table is that it folds up for easy storage.
  • Little Tikes 2- in – 1 Art Desk and Easel: For the little artists and big kids artists the 2 – in- 1 Art Desk and Easel is perfect. My little ones always love to practice their letters on this board and draw fun faces. The great thing about this easel is that kids rarely out grow it. My girls are 7 and 9 and still use this board for school time play and hangman.

These are just a few of my favorite Little Tike toys that have lasted throughout the years in my home. They are kid tested and stand up to the quality that every mom wants in a toy! If you are expecting a little one, have a little one or know a little one you should definitely consider adding Little Tikes toys into their toy collection.

Written by: Aimee Fauci


  1. I love Little Tikes! Awesome review

  2. We love Little Tikes toys in our household. We have so many different kinds it’s hard to keep track!

  3. Little Tikes Toys are infamous! I love personally how well they clean up, and how long they last. I would definitely pay extra for one of these toys because as far as I’m concerned they’re practically kid proof (even husband proof I might add ~snicker~).

  4. Little Tykes is such a reliable and timeless brand. Love the art table!

  5. Such great memories with the Cozy Coupe! Great Little Tikes choices 🙂

  6. My Daughter is two and she loves her cozy coupe.

  7. I love any outdoor toy with an umbrella. I think it’s just smart. That picnic table with an umbrella would be awesome for my babies.

  8. How fun! Our girls love Little Tikes, great toys for all!

  9. Every kid I know has some type of Little Tikes toy! they are awesome!

  10. I love the cozy couple! It’s one of my toddler’s favorite toys. Classic.

  11. I’m pretty sure that Little Tikes is one of the most recognizable childrens toy brands out there. Those cars have been around forever!

  12. Love that brand! Little Tikes has been around for as long as I remember and are basically a household name at this point.

  13. My friend bought two cozy coupes for her twins for Christmas and they love them. She loves the brand and is always recommending it to her friends.

  14. We got so much use out of the Little Tikes table we had when my girls were little. It really held up well and another family gets to enjoy it now.

  15. I remember really wanting a cosy coupe as a child – I never did get one though! lol x

  16. They have such great products. Love Cozy Coup.

  17. I love that art desk and easel. We have an easel here and we get SO much use out of it.

  18. Little Tykes has some great products! I love their Cozy Coups, the kids had a few of those growing up

  19. We love Little TIkes toys. We have these all over our house.

  20. I grew up with Little Tykes toys and my daughter did too! They have so many adorable and fun toys for kids!

  21. I’ve always loved Little Tikes! So sturdy, colorful and they’re easy to clean, too!

  22. Little Tikes makes such fun products. The coupe was a big hit for us as well when my kids were small!

  23. My kids love all of their Little Tikes toys. They last forever. We still have the same Cozy Coupe we had when our oldest was a little baby. It keeps getting passed down to the new kid in the family.

  24. Between my husband and I, we have 7 between the ages of 7 months and 23 years! We’ve had and loved many Little Tikes toys over the years!

  25. We love Little Tikes. I really want to get my daughters a sand and water table for Christmas, because they have been begging for one for months now.

  26. Little Tykes was always our go to toys for our two boys when they were growing up. They are so durable and provide years of fun.

  27. Little Tikes is a brand I stand behind 100%. Their products are sturdy and last a long time. I still have my daughter’s table set, kitchen and toys chests from when she was little. She is almost 20 years old now.

  28. I am a huge fan of Little Tikes toys. My son loves the cozy coupe even though he doesn’t fit into it.

  29. Little Tikes made some of the best toys my kids ever had. The Cozy Coupe was one of the best toys ever.

  30. I loved my cozy coupe as a kid! So much fun 🙂

  31. Oh yeah my teens used to have a little tykes thing that probably would have lasted forever!

  32. How fun are these?! They have so many great options.

  33. Alina Thomas says

    Little Tikes toys are great! Love them.

  34. I love Little Tikes toys they hold up so well! My son still plays on the slide we got him when he was a year old!

  35. We had lots of Little Tikes toys when my girls were younger. They got so much use out of them.

  36. Helene Cohen Bludman. says

    The Cozy Coupe brings back memories of when my kids were little. They spent many happy hours riding around in the Cozy Coupe.

  37. I love the coupe! What a fun collection of toys!

  38. I love Little Tykes toys. My son had a truck that he just about wore the wheels off of.

  39. This is taking me back down to my childhood. I loved my little car.

  40. wwe were such big fans of the cozy coupe that we had 3 in the garage with just 1 kid that used them. The neighborhood kids always wanted to paly too so i bought them when i saw them at yard sales.

  41. Little Tikes make some super cute stuff. Kiddo has outgrown most of her stuff.

  42. We always loved Little Tykes for my kids. I love how their toys and products are practically indestructible.

  43. Little Tykes is a great toy brand. My kids used to play with their stuff all the time.

  44. Teresa McCluskey says

    We are also Little Tikes lovers. We have the slide, a rocking chair, an art desk and more!

  45. our cozy coupe has been in 3 households and 8 kids. you’d never know it. we did lose the gas cap about 4 years ago. i’m sure when my littlest is about 8 we will once and for all pass ours along. but the kids play in that all the time!

  46. Little Tykes toys are awesome they were some of or favorites for little man growing up.

  47. Little Tykes is a great brand. That Coupe is pretty classic.

  48. I LOVE Little Tikes! They have amazing toys, my kids love them.

  49. I love little Tykes. And my son is in love with the Cozy Couple!

  50. What age do you like the cozy coupe for? Wondering if I missed that one or if it would be a good Christmas gift

    • says

      If a child can crawl, they are ready for it. The cozy coupe I got for my daughter has a bottom cover that they can put their feet on so they can be pushed while in it and they can pretend to drive. Then once they use their feet better, take the bottom floor out and it’s golden! My 7 year old still gets in it.. Love that car.

  51. I love the Cozy Coupe! The picnic table looks very cool.

  52. Little Tikes is one of my go to brands. I love all of their toys and they’re fairly indestructible!

  53. Love the art desk and easel. How fun!

  54. Love little tikes! They have such great, durable, long lasting toys! We have lots and are huge fans!

  55. Melissa Smith says

    Fisher Price toys are awesome! I think they may be one of the few toy companies that truly span the test of time. I mean, I played in a Crazy Coupe when I was younger & loved it, then I got to see my kids do the same. Perhaps grandkids too…in 20 years! LOL

  56. The cozy coupe is the absolute best for little ones. Sad that my son is growing out of it.

  57. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    I have tons of Little Tikes toys and will continue to buy them for my kids. They are truly the best.

  58. I love this!! It’s fun seeing the kids try everything out!

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