Meet Bella The House of Fauci’s Farmhand


  1. Super cute – glad she loves the great outdoors!

  2. Miller Payton says:

    Is it possible to get any cuter?! Love her little hair bows at the end.

  3. Just so sweet. Joining you from the Southern Girl community. I am enjoying meeting fellow Southern bloggers and am glad I found your so cute blog.

    Mary-andering Creatively

    Mary-andering Among the Pages

  4. What a fun post. She is too cute and looks like she is a big help around the farm.

  5. Patti Tucker says:

    Good farmhands are hard to come by!

  6. aww she is so cute! Love the post, it made me miss our farm and chickens in NC. I hated leaving but life goes on..

  7. I’ve been trying to convince my hubby to let me have chickens 🙂 SO far no luck :s

  8. That bow on the top of her head is fantastic. So fun!

  9. Oh how adorable– I love a girl that can get dirty and rock a mega bow at the same time 😉 SN: Did Mr. R make that garden area and chicken coop? If so, he’s handy!


  10. Carmody Tisdale says:

    What a cute farmhand you have.

  11. Now all you need is a stock pond so she can go hunting for worms to use as bait 😉

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